Dune’s LLM Roadmap: Transforming the Way You Interact with Data

Recent developments in LLMs and AI are some of the most exciting technological breakthroughs in decades. Countless industries and occupations will be impacted in the near future - and that includes the crypto data space and our incredible community of Dune Wizards.

That’s right, we believe LLMs will be transformative to how you work with and understand data - and we’re very excited about what we have in store for you. 

Today, we’re launching our first LLM feature. That’s just the start though. We have a full suite of LLM features and integrations in store for you. 

Let’s take a look at our new Query Explanations feature, then we’ll take you on a tour of our future LLM roadmap. 

Introducing Query Explanations

Have you ever looked at a 500+ line SQL query and wondered…. “What the hell does this thing even do?”...... 

Well, so have we, and we’ve got you covered. We understand that SQL queries can be complex and intimidating, especially if you’re new to the world of data analysis. 

Starting today, you can click a button to show a natural language explanation of any query. 

Just head into the query you’re interested in, and click on the new little button at the bottom below that previously intimidating SQL code:

Soon, the power of GPT4 will provide you with a detailed explanation of the query, helping to improve your knowledge and speed up your journey to data mastery. 

Now, you’ll be able to understand the intricacies of even the most complex query that someone else wrote.

We hope that this will empower more budding wizards to harness the power of Dune without feeling overwhelmed!

While Query Explanations are exciting, they’re just the beginning. Let’s look at what else is on Dune’s LLM roadmap…..

Query Translations

It’s no secret that Dune can be confusing. The 3 different SQL dialects and query engines have not helped in this regard. 

We’re taking steps to improve things though, and recently announced our homegrown query engine and SQL dialect - Dune SQL - which will help out significantly. 

Still, many of our most devoted users have racked up hundreds, if not thousands, of queries on both Postgres and Spark SQL. We’re committed to helping users transition to Dune SQL via automated tooling, and today I’m excited to say that we’ve gotten some incredible breakthroughs by using LLMs for the task!

Soon, LLMs will help us to make the experience even more automated than it is today.

Natural Language Querying

Natural language querying is the holy grail of LLM use at Dune. We want to enable natural language querying to achieve two things:

  1. Make our wizards far more productive
  2. Dramatically lower the barriers to using Dune

We’re going to take the user experience to a whole new level with the introduction of Natural Language Querying. 

You’ll be able to ask questions and query Dune’s massive datasets in plain English, without the need for any SQL knowledge. Simply write your question, and our system will interpret it and generate the corresponding SQL query to fetch the relevant data.

For instance, you can ask, "What was the total revenue for Uniswap last month?" and our platform will parse your question, turn it into SQL, execute the query and produce an accurate report based on your query. 

This feature not only simplifies data analysis for non-technical users but will also significantly speed up the querying process for experienced analysts. 

The challenging part about natural language querying on Dune is not in writing SQL, but in selecting the right table out of the over 700 000 tables and views available on Dune.com. We’re working hard on novel solutions to this problem.


Search on dune.com is not good enough. It’s hard, if not impossible, to find the right dashboard or query in between the hundreds of thousands of options. 

We’re planning to use LLMs to help you sift through all this and cut through the noise. 

Wizard Knowledge Base

Between Spellbook and the Dune Docs, there’s a mountain of blockchain and SQL knowledge that Wizards have accumulated over the years. 

We’re planning on releasing a chatbot to help anyone quickly navigate through both knowledge bases. 

There will be contribution guides for you to add any resources you’ve written into the relevant sections, so that everyone can benefit from your learnings!

Dune <> LLMs = LFG

We’re excited to have shipped Query Explanations. But as we’ve said - that’s just the start!

Our LLM roadmap is laser focused on enhancing Wizard UX and power. Our community will be able to harness these impressive technologies for advanced query translation, natural language querying, search, and much more…..

Our mission always has been and always will be to make crypto data accessible. This is a major step towards that, and to making Dune the most usable and accessible data analytics platform on the market.

We can’t wait for our Wizards to test these new features out. Go choose some juicy queries and try out Query Explanations - and in the meantime stay tuned for further updates. 

The data must flow, in the era of AI……

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