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flashbots data is live on Dune!

Flashbots MEV data is live on Dune!

It has been a big few months for Dune. We’ve been building like crazy, and now we have an exciting announcement to make.

By Thomas Goss @



Today we are excited to announce that Dune Analytics, often referred to as just Dune, is now exactly that: Dune. Not only that. You can now find us at where we’ll make web3 data accessible for millions of people, and empower a new generation of data Wizards.

By hagaetc @

italy hat

Drip Too Hard - Announcing the Dune Lookbook

Many companies pour millions of dollars into their brand. The vibe of the company if you will. At the same time they will hand you some ugly ass T-shirt and instantly rug the vibe you had with that brand. It baffles me how many seemingly high end software companies will shamelessly distribute items that are lower quality than what you would expect from a fast food uniform.

By hagaetc @


Started From The Bottom - from nobody to unicorn in 3 years

We recently announced that we’ve raised a $69 420 000 Series B at a unicorn valuation. We started from the bottom in the fringe industry of crypto as two first-time founders when we created Dune out of Oslo, Norway in 2018. Now we’re here: a unicorn company at only 16 employees merely 3 years later. Here’s the story of our fundraising journey.

By hagaetc @


Solana data is now LIVE on Dune!

Solana has exploded onto the crypto scene since launching in early 2020. The high-speed, high-throughput, proof of stake chain is known for its lightning fast transactions, scalability & low fees.

By Thomas Goss @


We've raised a $69,420,000 Series B led by Coatue

We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised $69 420 000 in a Series B round led by Coatue to realize our mission of making crypto data accessible. With this new funding we will educate, reward and empower a new generation of web3 data analysts aka Dune Wizards.

By hagaetc @

Announcing the Wizard Request Program!

We’re excited to share that today we’re launching what we call the “Wizard Request Program” which basically is a way to make it easier for projects and individuals in the space to find the right analysts/wizards to work with.

By Hugo @

Optimism is now on Dune!

Ethereum is scaling, and so is the number of datasets on Dune! We are happy to announce that Optimism Ethereum’s roll-up data is finally available on Dune, allowing anyone to build rich insights into OΞ’s growing ecosystem of dapps.

By Hugo Sanchez @

dune founders

Money Ain't A Thang

The hard knock life of Dune Analytics’ early days. Three years ago today 1st of September 2018 Mats and I founded Dune Analytics out of Oslo, Norway. It’s been a bit of a ride so I wanted to tell the story of the early days of Dune.

By hagaetc @


Starting today you'll find crypto's most powerful data tool on a new planet.

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crypto is more fun

Working in crypto is more fun

Your life is short and you can only work on so many things within it. Furthermore, there are only a limited number of industries that are truly interesting at a certain point in time.

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Dune Analytics version 2 is now live!

Today we are beyond excited to open a whole new chapter for on-chain data broadly and Dune Analytics specifically! Our team of four (we’re hiring!) started on a hugely ambitious project at the beginning of this year: to rebuild the Dune Analytics experience from the ground up. And today, less than a quarter later, you can enjoy a whole new Dune as v2 is now live!

By @hagaetc @

the revolution will not be reported quarterly

The Revolution Will Not Be Reported Quarterly

It’s rapidly becoming clear that financial products built on open blockchains will change finance forever. The most obvious changes are the emergence of a new asset class, how you store those assets and how people and companies financially interact. Beyond that a whole range of less obvious but profound second order effects will follow. In this post I’ll explore the future of financial data; all the way from the data sources, to the data plumbers, quarterly reports and Wall Street analysts.

By @hagaetc @


Dune Analytics adds address labels!

Have you ever seen a great query on Dune where you get a list of addresses, only to stop and wonder what’s behind these beautiful, random hexadecimal encoded strings? So have we.

By Fredrik @

Get started

How to get started with querying on Dune Analytics

This post goes over some basic examples of how to search and write basic queries as well as visualize them with graphs on Dune Analytics. No prior knowledge needed and the opportunities for exploration are limitless.

By Alex Manuskin @

seed funding image

Dune Analytics raises $2M seed round led by Dragonfly Capital

Ever since our inception in 2018 we’ve been a two man operation, building out Dune Analytics on a shoestring budget. Today we are excited to announce that we have raised a $2 million seed round led by Dragonfly Capital to scale up the Dune Analytics team and product. We also have top industry names like Multicoin Capital, Hashed, Coinbase Ventures, Digital Currency Group and more onboard (see the full list below).

By Fredrik @

Hello world image

Hello world!

Hello World! Today we are incredibly excited to officially announce and open up Dune Analytics to everyone. We've already had prominent customers such as Dharma, Argent, Gnosis, Binance, and others using Dune for a while. Today we are vastly expanding our impact as we are opening up the Dune Analytics toolbox for anyone to use free of charge.

By Fredrik @