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Updated June 2024


This primary logo is used for most applications. It should be place on white backgrounds only.


Use this version when placing the Dune logo on top of images or background colors that will affect legibility.


Used when displaying the logo as part of a series of logos, or on Dune's own channels where brand recognition is already established. Can be used in any of Dune's primary colors.
Available for use in square, bevelled and circular profile spaces. Example uses include a favicon or social profile image. The white border ensures the icon is legible in both dark and light UI modes.



Our primary palette is the core of Dune's identity. Orange is used to draw attention to key features, blue is a secondary highlight, grey is used for type and white for backgrounds.

Orange 500


Blue 500


Grey 700





Our secondary palette is generally used for backgrounds for illustrations and marketing documents. You can pair both versions of the same color. The gradient can be used sparingly for headers to add a moment of warmth.

Orange 100


Blue 100


Sunrise Gradient

Orange to Blue


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Primary Font

Our primary brand font family is IBM Plex Sans. Use regular, medium and Bold weights for emphasis.

Headline Font

Our main headline font is IBM Plex Serif. Use it sparingly for short titles and key marketing messages.

Accent Font

IBM Plex Mono is used for accent details such as chart numbers and image captions.


Our Mission

Make crypto data accessible.


Our primary slogan is "The data must flow." is used as a sign-off for our marketing. Always use this capitalisation and include the full stop for emphasis.

Brand values



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Our illustration style uses a combination of halftone and worn edges, reminiscent of printed paper, and physical documents. This gives a sense of warmth, accessibility and brand character. Explore using an isometric perspective and monotone coloring.