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Whether you are a basement degen or a large institution, Dune has you covered.


Query Execution

  • Normal Performance
  • Unlimited Executions


  • Private Queries
  • Private Dashboards
  • CSV Downloads
  • Remove Watermark

Query Execution

  • Fast Performance
  • 600 Executions /mo
  • $0.10 / Additional Execution


  • 10Private Queries
  • 1Private Dashboard
  • 5CSV Downloads /mo
  • Remove Watermark

Query Execution

  • Fastest Performance
  • 1000 Executions /mo
  • $0.90 / Additional Execution


  • 250Private Queries
  • 25Private Dashboards
  • 100CSV Downloads /mo
  • Remove Watermark
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Query Execution

  • Custom Performance
  • Custom Executions /mo
  • Custom / Additional Execution


  • CustomPrivate Queries
  • CustomPrivate Dashboards
  • CustomCSV Downloads /mo
  • Remove Watermark
Team Plans and API coming soon, stay tuned.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Queries and CSV downloads on both Dune Engine V2 and other datasets will be billed.
  • To view your billing history, follow these steps:

    1. Go to
    2. Sign in to your Dune account
    3. Click your avatar in the top right corner
    4. Click “Settings” and then “Subscription”

    Your billing history is under “Billing”.
  • Upgrading will reset your billing cycle start date and you will be billed the full new plan price and refunded proportional to the unused days of your current plan.

    Downgrades are scheduled and applied at the end of your billing cycle. You will keep your current tier benefits until the end of the cycle.
  • To upgrade or downgrade your subscription, follow these steps if you are an individual with a paid plan or an admin of a team with a paid plan:
    1. Sign in to your Dune account
    2. Go to
    3. Click your avatar in the top right corner
    4. Click “Settings” and then “Subscription”
    5. Click the plan you want to update or downgrade to

    To cancel your subscription, follow these steps:
    1. Sign in to your Dune account
    2. Go to
    3. Click your avatar in the top right corner
    4. Click “Settings” and then “Subscription”
    5. Change your plan to Community

    Your subscription will be active for 30 days after your last payment.
  • For general info on how to use Dune, please see our docs. For specific questions on how to do a query, please join our Discord. If you have other issues or questions not listed on this page, please contact
  • These are what we count as executions towards your plan:

    1. You run your own query
    2. You run someone else’s query
  • The performance tiers are only supported on Dune Engine V2. We will not support performance increases for other datasets, however, you will still be billed for any query executions or CSV downloads using other datasets.
  • Roughly speaking, each tier has 2-4x the amount of computational power of the previous tier. This will be more or less noticeable depending on query complexity and cluster load at any point in time. Overall, the higher the tier, the faster your queries will run.
  • When your execution quota drops to 0, additional queries will be charged per Additional Execution above your monthly quota on your next bill.
  • No, you can't execute on the community tier once your paid plan quota is exhausted. However, our paid plans come with a significant quota, so this should not happen often.
  • Other Dune users will be able to see the visualisation in the public dashboard, but won't see anything when they click the query. The results table, other visualisations you might have, and the underlying query are all private.
  • Yes. Anyone visiting the website with the embed can see the visualisation you chose to embed and nothing else, as with the question above.
  • When logged in, you will never see watermarks, and chart embeds you’ve created won’t have watermarks. Public dashboards URLs always have watermarks.