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  • FreeForeverand ever
  • Query blockchain data with SQL
  • Create dashboards
  • Share your charts
  • Fork community queries
  • Run 3 queries in parallel
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Dune Pro

  • $390Per monthPer user
  • Keep queries/dashboards private
    As a pro user you can set your queries and dashboards to be viewable to only you. You can also share and embed queries and dashboards publicly or with links if you want to. So you can share with your team for instance.
  • Export results to CSV
    Export your query results from Dune Analytics to CSV and use any environment you want to explore the data further.
  • Skip the query queue
    When there are a lot of users running queries on Dune free users might have to wait in queue. As a pro user you automatically skip to the front of the queue and can execute more queries in parallel.
  • No watermarks
    Create charts and dashboards without the Dune Analytics watermarks. Great for embedding live stats in research for instance.
  • Run 6 queries in parallel
    Run 6 queries in parallel
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What customers say

Matteo Leibowitz profile picture

Matteo Leibowitz

Strategy Lead

Uniswap logo
“Dune Analytics is an invaluable tool for surfacing insights on Uniswap and the DeFi ecoystem. I can get both the overview and go arbitrarily deep with intuitive SQL queries.”
Stefan George picture

Stefan George

Co-Founder and CTO

Gnosis logo
"Dune Analytics is the best platform to keep track of our KPIs. Everything we do at Gnosis should result in actions on Ethereum. Dune allows us to easily analyse those in every possible way."

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...and many many more!

About the Pro plan

Can I still use the Dune Analytics interface?

Yes! The pro plan works within the Dune Analytics interface you know, no extra setup required. This also means that you can easily tap into and share with the community while using the pro plan.

As a pro user, what will happen to watermarks?

When logged in you never see watermarks and chart embeds created by you don't have watermarks. Public dashboards URLs always have watermarks.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Sign in to your Dune account - Go to - Click your avatar in the top right corner - Click Your Pro Plan - Click Cancel plan. When you cancel your subscription it will run until 30 days after your last payment.

What if I add a private query to a public dashboard?

Other Dune users will be able to see the visualisation in the public dashboard, but won't see anything when they click the query. The results table, other visualisations you might have and the underlying query are private.

Can I embed private queries on other websites?

Yes. Anyone visiting the website with the embed can see the visualisation you chose to embed, but nothing else as with the question above.

Where can I see my billing history?

Sign in to your Dune account - Go to - Click your avatar in the top right corner - Click Your Pro Plan - Here you will find your billing history

Where can I find more info?

For general info on how to use Dune see our docs. For specific questions on how to do a query join our Discord. If you have other issues or questions not listed on this page contact