Zora is officially LIVE on Dune!

Zora, the OP stack Layer 2 that focuses on bringing media on-chain, is now on Dune.

Zora is officially LIVE on Dune!

Zora is the culture layer of Ethereum. Zora’s NFT creator tools have seen breakout success in 2023, and the recent launch of their Ethereum L2 built on the OP Stack, makes them a clear fit for Dune. We are excited to bring their data front and center for our community.

"Dune’s commitment to onboard Zora opens up a new realm of transparency for our ecosystem. With this partnership, we will undoubtedly foster greater insights into how Zora is shaping the landscape of decentralized creative economies." - Tyson Battistella, Co-Founder of Zora

Zora is bringing the world’s imagination on-chain so more people can realize more from their ideas. Naturally, this produces a super interesting dataset that will hold some exciting insights, including tracking just how much of the world’s imagination is coming on-chain, how much Ethereum these creators earn, and more exciting data insights to dive into. 

Fredrik Haga, Co-Founder & CEO of Dune, stated, “This move solidifies our intention to stay at the forefront of data analytics in the blockchain realm. Integrating Zora is a natural evolution for Dune. As the blockchain ecosystem grows, we’re steadfast in our mission to support the community's needs.”

Accessing Zora’s data is now just as intuitive to explore as other chains on Dune. Anyone can easily build dashboards and queries with Zora data or submit new contracts for decoding. The dashboards below are a preview from some of our first community-created visualizations highlighting key stats on Zora: 

Zora Network - Protocol Overview by Sea Launch

Making Dune the most accessible crypto data platform means adding more chain integrations like Zora, to expand what’s possible for our community of creators. We look forward to seeing what our community builds using Zora's rich data landscape on Dune – begin your exploration today! 

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