zkSync Era is now live on Dune

A New Era for zkRollups Analytics. Build dashboards and queries with zkSync data.

Our mission to make crypto data accessible never stops and today we’re taking another exciting step on that journey!

Starting today, zkSync Era data is now LIVE on Dune!

With zkSync Era's rise as a premier Layer-2 scaling solution on Ethereum, it’s only fitting that we bring its data front and center for the community. With this new integration, developers and data analysts alike now have access to its full on-chain history.

"Dune’s commitment to onboard zkSync Era opens up a new realm of transparency for the community. Dune has cemented itself as the go-to data and analytics platform in crypto, and with this integration, we are excited to see the insights and fascinating trends that will be uncovered by Dune across zkSync Era’s rapidly growing ecosystem." - Marco Cora, Senior Vice President of Business & Operations at Matter Labs.

ZkSync’s cutting-edge zkRollups technology brings a fresh dimension to growing L2 on-chain data activity. Its unique ability to scale Ethereum transactions seamlessly ensures a treasure trove of insights waiting to be explored.

“This move solidifies our intention to stay at the forefront of data analytics in the blockchain realm. Integrating zkSync Era is a natural evolution for Dune. As the blockchain ecosystem grows, we’re steadfast in our mission to support the community's needs.” - Fredrik Haga, co-founder and CEO of Dune.

Just as our community can delve into other chains, accessing zkSync data is now just as intuitive. Anyone can easily build dashboards and queries with zkSync data or submit new contracts for decoding

For those keen on diving straight in, navigate to Dune to start querying the data today. And for those looking to learn from the best, check out a few early dashboards put together by the Dune community highlighting keys stats on zkSync Era: 

zkSync Era: Protocol Overview by Matter Labs

zkSync Era | Project Overview by Marcov

zkSync Era Overview by Jhackworth

We look forward to seeing how our community will leverage zkSync's rich data landscape on Dune – begin your own exploration today!

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