Unlocking Paid Features to All Dune Creators

We’re now opening up a range of features that were previously reserved for paid customers to all creators on Dune.

At Dune, our mission is to make crypto data accessible. To realize that mission we empower crypto data analysts to unearth insights. As part of a broader move to empower Wizards, we're excited to announce a significant update: we’re now opening up a range of features that were previously reserved for paid customers to all creators on Dune.

Ensuring accessibility isn't just about the here and now; it's about building a sustainable future. We’re dedicated to providing world-class data tools while also building a sustainable business around that - so the industry, our community, and customers know that they can build on and with Dune reliably, without us suddenly going away overnight. This is not a given in this industry, but we’ve been around for over half a decade and plan to be here for the long term.

While maintaining our commitment to sustainability, we've reviewed our paid features and identified several that will be great for analysts, but not undermining the long-term viability of Dune. Therefore I’m excited to announce the following changes to our paid offerings:


  • All users can now use the LiveFetch function to fetch data from any source. 
  • Query version history has been increased to a year on all plans.
  • There are no longer limits on schedules and materialized views.
  • Free users and teams can now schedule dashboards.

Content management and presence 

  • Folder limits have been removed from all plans, allowing all users to have up to 100 folders.
  • Free teams can now customize their profiles.
  • Credit usage exports are now supported for Free Teams.

These changes represent the first steps in a broader move to further empower both creators and content consumers on Dune. Creators on Dune unearthing novel insights for the community can expect more and better tooling for analyzing data, as well as help grow their reach, careers, and opportunities in the near future.

In terms of Dune’s sustainability expect to see more and better paid products tailored for business use cases, like: 

  • Blockchains want to put their data on Dune
  • With a world of a thousand chains incoming, we’re excited to make all the data accessible on Dune.
  • Learn more and get in touch with us here
  • Accessing industry-leading on-chain data in your own system
  • For businesses looking to leverage Dune’s blockchain data within their own internal data stack.
  • Check out our API or contact us to learn more about our Snowflake Datashare
  • Building real-time apps with on-chain data
  • Application developers need reliable on-chain data for their products. We are building an exciting new product to support this need.
  • Get in touch if you’re interested in early access.

I hope you will enjoy these new changes, and I can’t wait to see what you all will do with it. More to come, stay tuned. 

The Data Must Flow!


Dune CEO and Co-Founder

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