OpenSea <> Dune web3 Analytics Bounty Program

We’re extremely excited to announce a new set of bounties on OpenSea!

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We’re extremely excited to announce a new set of bounties on OpenSea!

The first - and the largest - NFT marketplace was absolutely crucial to the growth and success of NFTs over the past few years.

OpenSea has also been a key subject of study and analysis by Dune Wizards.

Richard Chen’s OpenSea dashboard is the most starred ever at 4,397 and is consulted by thousands of traders, journalists and businesses the world over.

There are dozens of others like:

And many, many more......

OpenSea’s mission is to bring the power and potential of NFTs to more people around the world. Dune’s mission is to make crypto data accessible. So it’s natural that we’d collaborate.

We’re kicking things off with some exciting bounties. Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Analyze which NFT projects brought in the most true new wallets (not alts!) into NFTs

Successful hunters will define a methodology for filtering out alt wallets of existing users, and then dive into:

  • Indentifying the top 3 projects that brought the truest number of new wallets into NFTs
  • Investigating these wallets for patterns and commonalities
  • Looking for patterns in the most successful projects

We should be able to learn some very interesting facts about the NFT market that will be of value to creators, investors and businesses.

Submissions will be evaluated on:

- Accuracy and completeness: data is accurate, trustworthy and the analysis complete

- Clarity and readability: the visualization and data are well explained, documented and easy to read

- Insights and originality: the analysis demonstrates the overall thesis and shows originality of insights from the submitter


- 1st place - $2500 USDC

- 2nd place- $1500 USDC

- 3rd place - $1000 USDC

To learn all about the bounties in detail and get started - head over to Layer3......


We’re sure to see some awesome submissions for this, which will help to make the NFT world even more transparent and open.

This is the first time we’ve collaborated with OpenSea like this, and we hope it’s the first of many.

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