A New Chapter For web3 Data

The Dune API, revamped subscription plans and a more powerful free experience

So, what's new?

We're excited to share 3 of the most important updates in Dune history:

  • The Dune API is now live for all users
  • Revamped subscription plans with increased flexibility and unlimited collaboration
  • A more powerful free experience

The Dune API

All users of Dune, both free and paid, now have access to the Dune API!

Ever since Dune’s launch, our most requested product has been an API. Today, we are thrilled to launch the Dune API

You can now turn any query result on Dune into an API endpoint. 

This is a watershed moment in crypto data. You can now take Dune’s best in class crypto data and querying experience into any setting via flexible API endpoints. Our community can build alerting, Twitter bots, risk monitoring, product analytics, portfolio profiling and so much more without having to worry about maintaining a database or data pipelines. The possibilities are truly endless and we can’t wait to see what you’ll build.

Revamped Subscription Plans 

We heard your feedback on our subscription plans that were launched last year. We have revamped our plans with more flexibility, API access by default and unlimited collaboration.

Today we are also launching a credit system where you can boost your team’s Dune experience with:

  • Query performance
  • Programmatic executions
  • API data export

Sharing and collaboration has always been at the core of the Dune experience, so our new subscription plans are built for teams. You can now add as many team members as you want, for free.

Learn more about our new plans on our pricing page

A more powerful free experience

Instead of charging individuals we are making the free experience of Dune more powerful. Therefore we have sunsetted our $69/month plan and are instead giving the free user experience a massive boost: free users now have 10 private queries, a private dashboard and handful of CSV downloads included without having to pay a single gwei.

The new free experience also comes with 2500 credits and includes API access. Free users now get access to the powerful Dune API by default. You can apply credits to get more out of Dune with boosted performance, API data export and programmatic executions, all at no cost.

The data must flow

At Dune our mission is to make crypto data accessible. Today we’re taking a major and much anticipated leap towards realizing that mission.

We are committed to supporting the Dune community and keep packing more value and power into the Dune experience, both paid and free. We’re confident that this update will massively boost the whole community’s crypto data access and experience.

If you have any feedback we’d love to hear from you at [email protected].

The data must flow, lfg!

Fredrik, Dune Co-Founder & CEO

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