Lens Protocol Data is now LIVE on Dune!

Support for comprehensive data on Lens, the social layer for web3, is now on Dune.

Dune is thrilled to introduce the integration of Lens Protocol data into our platform! 

Lens Protocol, known for its innovative approach towards an open-source, blockchain-based social graph, aims to dismantle the conventional data silos present in today's social media landscape. By leveraging Lens Protocol's rich datasets, Dune users are now equipped to dive deep into the Web3 social sphere, exploring user interactions, content monetization strategies, and the overall dynamics of decentralized social networking. With this partnership, we’re excited to continue unlocking new ways of understanding and building onchain.

“Dune has been a critical player in unlocking onchain data. With this data update, developers, creators, and publishers alike will gain valuable insights using the powerful social data that Lens uniquely provides.” - Stani Kulechov, Founder of Lens Protocol

Why Lens Protocol?

The inception of Lens Protocol marked a significant shift from the traditional, centralized social networks to a more open, interoperable framework. With its unique proposition of data transparency, authentication, and interoperability, Lens Protocol addresses the crucial steps needed to break down data silos. Lens not only empowers users to own their data but also establishes a soft standard for data formats, ensuring seamless data interchange between different products and applications.

Fredrik Haga, Co-Founder & CEO of Dune, stated, “By incorporating Lens data, we're not just adding another dataset; we're opening up a world of analysis for decentralized social media. Lens Protocol's approach to user data ownership and interoperability introduces a new layer of complexity and opportunity for our data analysts and developers."

Lens Protocol is revolutionizing how users, creators, and communities own and manage their social data on the blockchain. This creates a powerful dataset unlocking new, foundational insights on which to build. We can track how creators are building communities and monetizing their work directly, along with who their most engaged audience is. This information empowers creators to make smarter decisions about their content and audience engagement while creating new opportunities to build niche communities and products.

Now on Dune, anyone can easily build dashboards and queries with Lens data or submit new contracts using Dune API for decoding. 

You can find our first new community-created dashboards highlighting key stats on Lens here: https://dune.com/lens/lens-protocol

This initial dashboards were built by onchain data explorers Sealaunch

A Glimpse into the Integration

Full comprehensive Lens data is officially LIVE on Dune, including both Lens onchain and comprehensive data availability! With this integration, Dune users and developers can leverage Dune dashboard and queries to gain valuable insights about how Lens users are interacting with the protocol:

  • Profile Dynamics: Explore data around Profile, Follow, and Collect NFTs, understanding how these elements contribute to user identity and content ownership within the Lens ecosystem.
  • Content Interaction: Delve into participation, interaction, and follower data to uncover the depth of community engagement and the effectiveness of content dissemination.
  • Publications: Analyze all of the original content, comments, quotes and mirrors produced by creators, curators, and users alike.

Applications can also utilize Lens data to quantify user retention and compare activity between apps to identify strengths and weaknesses. Publications and media platforms can use Dune to identify topics with high engagement and visualize trends across Lens. And of course, creators can utilize Lens data to gain insights into their audience, engagement, and comparisons with other creators. All of this data can be exported through Dune’s platform, enabling data to be used as inputs for targeted promotions.

Prior to today, over 100 dashboards were built to provide data and insights about Lens. With today’s announcement, we are paving the way for comprehensive data availability. We couldn’t be more excited to see what our community discovers and what new capabilities this information unlocks


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