Introducing Owner Labels: What They Are and Why They Matter

Owner Labels enrich blockchain data with critical contextual information about the entities operating within both centralized and decentralized spaces.

Have you ever wondered which institutions are behind blockchain transactions? Are you seeking deeper insights into the blockchain data you analyze? Understanding the "who" behind the "what" in blockchain data can vastly enhance its value.

Introducing Owner Labels! This new dataset will transform how our community interacts with blockchain data by providing unprecedented clarity about the entities behind blockchain activities.

What are Owner Labels?

Owner Labels enrich blockchain data with critical contextual information about the entities operating within both centralized and decentralized spaces. This dataset includes details such as the owner's category, headquarter country, and essential online presences like websites and GitHub URLs. Importantly, this feature focuses only on companies and organizations, ensuring the privacy of individual cryptocurrency holders remains protected.

What labels are identified

Why Owner Labels?

Blockchain data is often cryptic, with its value limited without knowing the "who" behind the "what." Our new labels demystify the entities behind blockchain operations, enabling users to perform more precise and insightful analyses. These labels are crucial for:

  • Competitive Analysis: Understand market dynamics by seeing how your inflows and outflows compare to competitors.
  • Market Analysis: Identify which categories are trending and who the major players are within these categories.
  • Business Analysis: Gauge your business growth and understand your customer base better.

How We Developed Owner Labels

The development of Owner Labels was a collaborative effort involving industry experts from leading organizations like Steakhouse Financial, Blockworks, and Polygon. Together, we:

  • Brought together 15 industry experts to brainstorm and refine this project.
  • Referenced standards groups like the Open Labels Initiative to ensure broad compatibility and acceptance.
  • Defined a robust set of categories and established automated quality checks to maintain the integrity of the dataset.
“I'm excited about the launch of the Owner Labels data! Having a unified framework to categorize addresses not only eliminates the redundancy of individual efforts, which often lead to discrepancies and incomplete information but also streamlines the process of adding new addresses and labels, making it simpler and more collaborative for the entire community.” – Sergi Juanati, Head of Analytics at Steakhouse Financial.

Dune is uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive Owner Labels across the Web3 ecosystem, leveraging our exclusive industry working group, transparent audit processes, automated quality checks, and advanced AI, all underpinned by a commitment to openness and collaborative industry standards.

What to expect now? 

Today, we are launching owner labels as a public beta, and our labels already cover over 50% of the on-chain monetary value for ETH, and over 25% coverage across all assets. We expect to reach 50% coverage across all assets soon, and we'll continue to expand our dataset post-launch. We invite passionate professionals to contribute and refine our offerings as we grow. Right now, you can check out: 


This table is a directory of the owners we have labeled along with information such as their category, headquarter country, website, github url, and project documentation pages.


This table contains the addresses belonging to the owners across blockchains.


This table joins labeled addresses with token transfers data to summarize the overall token volumes.


This table joins labeled addresses with daily token transfers data to summarize the overall token volumes over time.


This table summarizes the flow of token transfers from an owner to/and from their counterparties.

How to Get Involved

Interested in contributing to the Owner Labels dataset? We’re looking for passionate industry professionals to join our invite-only group of experts. See something missing? Share it with us, and our team will review.

Get in touch [email protected]

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