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Hello World! Today we are incredibly excited to officially announce and open up Dune Analytics to everyone.

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Hello World! Today we are incredibly excited to officially announce and open up Dune Analytics to everyone. We've already had prominent customers such as Dharma, Argent, Gnosis, Binance, and others using Dune for a while. Today we are vastly expanding our impact as we are opening up the Dune Analytics toolbox for anyone to use free of charge.


With Dune Analytics you can now:

  • Query human-readable Ethereum smart contract data with SQL.
  • Visualize your results and instantly share them with the world.
  • Browse, share and fork community created analyses.

Turn any query result into an always up to date dashboard that you and others can reference back to at any time. You can also explore, share and fork analysis created by other community members. We hereby invite the whole Ethereum community to create, share, explore and discuss analysis of smart contract adoption and activity.

To kick things off we've created this DEX dashboard: Notice how every metric is enabled by a query that anyone can see and fork!

Sign up and hit the ground running here. Check out our documentation where you can get some tips on how to get started.

What problem are we solving?

End-user adoption of dApps and smart contracts have long been a hot topic in the Ethereum space. Cool tech is cool, but actual adoption is even cooler. Anyone building on, investing in or caring about Ethereum should be concerned with the end-user adoption of these products. It even matters for end-users themselves!

Most dApps both handle assets and are marketplaces. Users can be more confident that their values are handled by trustable code if they can see that that code has handled a lot of value safely already. In addition, all marketplaces need liquidity which practically means that the user experience is better if there's a lot of activity.

Up until now, access to high-quality insights is limited to the few that can afford both engineering hours and infrastructure costs. Useful analyses often end up in siloed private settings, or have a limited shelf life in a static report.

There’s currently no easy way to answer any arbitrary question about Ethereum activity with data. Much less reference back to see how that data moves over time. There are a few sites that report some specific metrics, but it's hard to keep track of these sites, their methods are often non-transparent and there's no flexibility to interact with the metrics and data they provide.

This, in turn, means that it's hard to benchmark metrics across different dApps in a meaningful way. It also means that community discussions and product decisions are often based on no data or apples and oranges comparisons.

How we're solving it

With Dune Analytics the Ethereum community can now query human-readable Ethereum data with SQL, then visualize the results and share it with the world in a matter of minutes. In other words, you can create your own dashboard full of nice visual graphs within a plug and play experience. We provide you with all the smart contract events, contract calls, Ethereum transactions and more in real-time. We also have token/USD prices you can easily join with to get USD volumes of on-chain activity.

Beyond the data and tooling, you can explore all the other great analysis' that fellow community members have created with Dune. If you think the method can be improved or you get inspired you can simply fork the query with a click to make it your own. Wondering what is actually going on is now a thing for the past. In the same way that you can send an Etherscan link for a transaction, you can now send a Dune-link that points directly to the real-time updated analysis of any high or low-level metric(s) you are curious about.

Show me

Now, let's have a look at what you can create with Dune:

USD volume for DEXs over time

Find our full dashboard with more DEX metrics at

DEX aggregator dashboard

DEX aggregator 1inch put together a full dashboard for their smart contracts in a couple of days.

Fairwin ponzi scheme analysis

Harry from MyCrypto used Dune to research activity on the FairWin ponzi scheme and created this dashboard.

Rage quits in Moloch DAO

Ameen used Dune to see how many people rage quit from Moloch DAO.

Contracts deployed on Ethereum

This powerful insight is found with 5 lines of SQL. October saw the highest number of new contracts deployed since December 2018. See live data here.

This is just the tip of the ice berg, now it's your turn! Sign up for free, browse these and other queries, fork them and create your own. When you have something useful or want to get community opinion simply share the results with a public link.

We can decode any smart contract data to our human-readable format, simply reach out here if you have a request for decoding.

Our story

Dune Analytics was founded by the two Norwegians Fredrik and Mats in the summer of 2018. After having built and experimented with smart contracts together in our previous jobs, we learned first hand how hard it was to both get and utilise data from the blockchain. Only 3 months after we started we landed our first customer, Dharma. Throughout this year several top projects in the Ethereum space have decided to use Dune as their go-to analytics tool for on-chain data.

In the spring of 2019, we got accepted into the Binance Labs accelerator. We spent a few intense and fun months in Berlin and San Francisco together with other talented projects and the experienced Binance Labs team.

Join us

We're proud of what we have achieved and shipped so far, but we are just getting started! If blockchains, data, and relentlessly building and shipping useful products to users sounds like fun to you we encourage you to join us and become employee number one at Dune Analytics! Follow us on Twitter to stay in touch!

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