Dune's Vision

Our mission is to make crypto data accessible. What does the world look like when we get there? Here’s our take.

We believe that in the future every business, and every person, will rely on blockchains.

The internet showed us the power of an open, global system for information sharing. It accelerated human progress faster and wider than the previous closed, top-down systems where corporations, institutions, and governments dictated who could participate. 

Crypto extends the internet, transforming it from an information system on traditional economic rails into a full-blown native economy. Now anyone can build and interact with value globally. Open infrastructure isn’t the only factor that made the internet so powerful though. Every massive internet success leveraged an equally massive amount of data

On the internet, and in the wider world in general, valuable data has traditionally been a closed, tightly gatekept resource. Only insiders with enough money or pull at the right megacorp could access, understand and build with it. Not anymore. Blockchains represent the world’s first public by default, ever-expanding datasets. This is a paradigm shift. 

In Web2, interactions between user and application were a guarded secret. On public blockchains though, every data point drives an explosion of stakeholders and analysts. The interaction is accessible to anyone - builders, users, DAOs, communities, competitors, corporations, regulators, and investors of all shapes and sizes.

For the first time we can collaborate and learn with data not only within teams or organizations, but together as a global community. Sharing and collaboration become the default, the starting point rather than an afterthought. 

You can study how users interact with top DEXes or lending protocols, and build even better versions. You can evaluate the traction of new networks yourself and decide whether to invest money or resources in it. You can get into the nuts and bolts of how entire crypto ecosystems function, and make your own mind up on their value and utility. Open data doesn’t care about your credentials, job, wealth, background or location - you can learn anything you like, and contribute to humanity's knowledge of the on-chain world.

If Dune succeeds, the world has a collective homepage for understanding on-chain activity. Instead of falling prey to dubious narratives and hype, the curious can check the chain and make informed decisions based on hard data. We want to give anyone with an internet connection better access to data than the big tech engineers and hedge fund managers of the legacy world could have ever dreamt of. Any insight you need - whether an analysis of traction across a category, a real time balance sheet, user engagement and retention, or a deep risk analysis - will be accessible to anyone with some SQL skill or the motivation to acquire it. 

We also want to build Dune to be as flexible as possible, so you can create, fork and remix the work of others. Forget the opaque quarterly PDFs, excel sheets and databases inside the walled gardens of institutions. Instead of lurking in the shadows - risks, opportunities, and innovation will be illuminated in Dune dashboards by the light of the Wizard community’s wands.

Dune will also make it easy to incorporate data into your applications and workflows without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. When the builders of the world have a public dataset and know how to use it, magic will happen.

Anyone will be able to use crypto data. To build a business. To build a product. To join data with on-chain activity. To power an app with AI training data. To distribute rewards to valuable users. To build better risk models. To build alerts & engagement tools for any use case. The possibilities will be endless. 

No longer will you need to be an insider to launch, gain traction and scale. Creativity will be the only limitation. Dune will let you easily build with and integrate the best data in the world, collectively curated and maintained by thousands of wizards working together.

Innovation is driven by a feedback loop between building and learning. When the loop spins faster, human progress accelerates. At Dune we want to make it spin faster by transforming blockchain data from a theoretical possibility to a practical reality. We want to empower analysts and wizards to come together as a super-organism that both fuels and feeds on the growth of the open economy. 

If we are successful, any curious mind can use Dune to learn, explore and build the future.

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