Dune Engine V2, a New Era in Crypto Data

Dune Engine V2 is a complete overhaul of our entire data architecture, a huge upgrade in performance, and represents a paradigm shift in crypto data.

Our mission has always been, and will always be, to make crypto data accessible.

Everything we do is to get us further toward that goal, and we’ve just passed a major milestone……

Our engineers have been working hard for months, and now, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Dune Engine v2.

Dune Engine V2 is a complete overhaul of our entire data architecture, a huge upgrade in performance, and represents a paradigm shift in crypto data.

The Wizard community is about to get far more powerful, with a whole new dataset explorer and open space to sharpen their skills and build on their talents.

10x performance? Done. Multi-chain queries? No problem. Analyses and dashboards that would’ve been impossible previously? Let’s go!

Dune CEO and Co-Founder Fredrik Haga had this to say about v2:

“While maybe not obvious to the casual observer it's hard to overstate how much of a game changer this is for blockchain data. The new engine will enable a whole new world of speed, convenient cross chain queries, community contribution of data, flexible and performant APIs and more!”

It will also benefit builders, businesses, investors, and the entire industry by enabling even more sophisticated analysis and ever deeper insights to be surfaced.

You may have already seen some of the effects…….

For example, our recent Flashbots integration was only possible through v2, and we expect many others to bring community datasets to Dune. The same goes for Solana data, which was brought to life on Dune thanks to the scalability and power of v2.

Some other recent dashboards - like this one on Ethereum by @hildobby - are also a taster of what’s possible.

New Possibilities

Going forward, this will lay the foundation for a range of new experiences.

With v2, we’ve focused on speed and efficiency, which translates to a far more scalable system with better data ingestion. This means we’ll be able to integrate more new chains, faster.

It also represents a solid foundation for something we’re extremely excited about - performant APIs - which will allow Dune data to be leveraged in new and valuable ways.

As well as community members bringing datasets to Dune, the improved data pipelines and tooling will enable user-generated tables for the first time.

Overall - Dune Engine v2 brings a new level of performance and scalability - and will take the skills of the Wizard community to the next level. We’re very excited to ship this, and truly believe that it is going to make the world of on-chain analysis a lot more interesting.

For a deeper and more technical dive, read more in our docs.

Now let’s see what the Wizard community can do with it. The data must flow………

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