Dune Launches New Blockchain Data Sharing Solution for Enterprises on Snowflake Marketplace

Access Dune's entire curated data directly into your own environment.

Dune is the leading crypto data platform trusted by tens of thousands of leading companies and projects. Today we announced the launch of Dune Datashare to provide seamless access to Dune’s entire curated crypto data directly on Snowflake Marketplace.

Since our inception 6 years ago, Dune has been dedicated to democratizing access to crypto data. Our datasets, renowned as the gold standard within the industry, are trusted by data analysts worldwide. Over time, Dune has grown into a platform empowering world-leading data teams, Fortune 500 companies, and government organizations. With the launch of Dune Datashare, Dune and Snowflake are working together to simplify access to unparalleled blockchain data, delivering it straight to our joint customers’ doorstep.

An ocean of public blockchain data exists, but it’s practically inaccessible

The irony lies in that while blockchain data is publicly available, accessing and interpreting it proves to be a challenging endeavor. The journey to reliable, cross-chain crypto data is long, complex, and expensive, particularly compounded by the expanding multitude of chains. Dune solves this major issue by offering effortless access to meticulously curated data seamlessly integrated into an organization's infrastructure via Snowflake Marketplace.

Our commitment to excellence in providing top-tier crypto data has earned Dune the trust of the entire industry. As the leading blockchain data platform, we're thrilled to introduce our latest product, Dune Datashare, which empowers enterprises to access any data table seamlessly. With just one click, they can integrate this invaluable resource into their own data warehouse and workflow.” said Fredrik Haga, Co-Founder & CEO of Dune
Kieran Kennedy, Head of Snowflake Marketplace, stated, "We're thrilled to collaborate with Dune to empower joint customers with seamless access to trusted crypto data through Secure Data Sharing in Snowflake Marketplace. This partnership amplifies our commitment to mobilize the world's data and drive innovation, by giving enterprises the power to unlock new capabilities all within the Data Cloud."

Access the most trusted crypto data directly in your environment

You can now access over 1.5 million datasets directly on Snowflake Marketplace, including raw blockchain data, human-readable smart contract data, protocol, and cross-chain data from Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, Binance, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Fantom, Optimism, Polygon, Scroll, Solana, Zora, zkSync, and many other EVM or non-EVM chains.

Venture capital firms, institutional investors, media companies, regulatory agencies, gaming projects, blockchain foundations, and virtually any organization utilizing crypto data rely on Dune to drive their businesses, applications, or research endeavors.

Dune Datashare is available today

If you want to learn more about Dune Datashare or talk directly to our blockchain data team, please visit dune.com/enterprise.

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