Dune API 2.0: Turning Analysts into Developers

The new release of Dune API promises to revolutionize the role of analysts by empowering them with developer-like capabilities.

Editor's note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new information.

Over the course of 2023, we shipped four core API features:

We’ve had thousands of users test out these features and give us really helpful feedback, and this quarter we’ll be shipping out improvements upon each core feature that make it easier than ever to develop on top of Dune. 

We will update this page over the coming weeks as we release the improved features.

How industry pioneers use Dune API

Dune API just got more powerful with pagination, filtering, sorting, and sampling. Here’s how industry pioneers leverage our execution and results endpoints to conduct comprehensive risk assessments, gain deep ecosystem insights, and devise effective token distribution strategies. Tap into the potential of Dune data for your projects by visiting this quickstart page.

Lido: Risk management in Python notebooks with Dune API 

Thanks to Dune API, contributors of Lido Analytics workstream have integrated complex data transformations and aggregation processes into daily workflow.

"By integrating data directly from Dune into our Python notebooks, we seamlessly merge it with on-chain data to conduct detailed risk assessments of (w)stETH collateralized positions across major lending markets. This pipeline provides DAO contributors with actionable insights and powers our alerting system ensuring that (w)stETH holders stay informed in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape. For teams aiming to enhance their efficiency and reliability in managing data, checking out Dune API is a great idea." - Lido Analytics workstream contributors

OP Labs: Ecosystem insights with on-demand, aggregated cross-chain data via Dune API

“At OP Labs, we use Dune API to help us bring onchain insights into our data workflows. Rather than storing a copy of a chain in our own database, Dune API enables us to pull Superchain data for supported chains on-demand for comprehensive cross-chain analysis. The shared database on Dune also allows the Optimism ecosystem to work from one source of truth, enabling shared tooling and dashboards transparently.” – Chuxin Huang & Michael Silberling, Data at OP Labs

DEGEN: Sustainable token distribution enabled by Dune API 

Launched in January 2024, degen.tips aims to empower a community of creators and users in the Base and Farcaster ecosystem for a better internet future. In a short period, $DEGEN has captivated over 20k holders and achieved over 100k daily casts on Warpcast, a momentum underscored by a notable 490.5 ETH angel investment. The heart of $DEGEN's rapid success lies in its forward-thinking tokenomics and points-to-token distribution system, powered entirely by Dune and its API, with crucial community data sourced from Neynar on Farcaster. Utilizing a logarithmic function, $DEGEN ensures fair and sustainable rewards for activities ranging from Farcaster tips to Uniswap liquidity provisioning.

"Everything is fueled by Dune from the backend,"

reveals founder Jacek, emphasizing Dune's integral role in $DEGEN's operations — managing point allocation, token claims, and liquidity rewards. This indispensable data is seamlessly integrated into a local database via the API, ensuring the efficient execution and transparency of $DEGEN's tokenomics.

Starter Repo for Query and Table Management

Introducing our query repo template - a practical starter kit designed to facilitate collaboration and efficiency in your data projects. This repository includes essential scripts for query management like CRUD operations and table management like uploads, with a focus on making dashboards more accessible directly from the app. You can link it directly to your dashboard (click the GitHub icon), pushing engagement from the wider Dune community to your repository.

This template repo is enhanced by GitHub actions, allowing your team to automate workflows and build custom logic. Using the repo will simplify your query, dashboard, and data management when many different parties are involved.

Here are two query repo dashboards we’ve launched using this template:

  • DEX Metrics (dash/repo): Query contributions of orderflow sources from Flashbots and telegram bot market share from a crypto data expert from our community (whale_hunter).
  • Crypto Grants Analysis (dash/repo): Grant data aggregated from Arbitrum, Optimism, Gitcoin, and Polygon in a CSV folder, with queries managed in the same repo.

We want to hear your product feedback! Please submit your own API feature requests and be sure to add the “Dune API” tag:

👷‍♂️🚧🔨👷‍♀️  Exciting enhancements to our API are coming your way soon!

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