Today we are excited to announce that Dune Analytics, often referred to as just Dune, is now exactly that: Dune.

Today we are excited to announce that Dune Analytics, often referred to as just Dune, is now exactly that: Dune. Not only that. You can now find us at dune.com where we’ll make web3 data accessible for millions of people, and empower a new generation of data Wizards.

When we founded Dune Analytics back in 2018 there were a couple of dozen smart contract products live on the Ethereum blockchain used by a few tech and finance geeks. We built a tool to let anyone easily analyze this activity. However, while our audience was pretty niche and technical back then, we didn’t want to name our product something overly technical like “Blockchain data technologies”. We wanted something more accessible, something neat and more playful. Dune was such a word. The lines of a dune resemble charts so there was a connection to what we’re building without making it too techy. As a bonus it’s also a pretty cool book. However, we needed to get an available domain so we became Dune Analytics and found a home at duneanalytics.com.

Since then the scope and reach of our industry has grown exponentially. It’s no longer just cryptocurrencies, it’s web3. It’s not just finance, it’s art, gaming, DAOs and beyond. It’s no longer just geeks messing around, there’s a massive consumer audience. It’s no longer just Ethereum layer 1, but a myriad of layers, chains and different approaches. Many crypto startups are now huge web3 companies, and even the established huge companies are embracing our world as well.

We supply data for all of these emerging use cases and users. But, we’re not just going to do this through enabling analytics dashboards. We are rapidly expanding our scope and offering. We will for instance soon launch the highly anticipated Dune API, which will create a living, breathing and performant API machine for the community and open up a whole new world of use cases. The data will flow.

Our mission is to make crypto data accessible and we’ve long known that eventually this day would come when analytics is too limiting for describing what we’re up to. It’s a long and clunky word that is too cumbersome. Therefore, we’re today changing our name to simply Dune.

Oh and speaking of a large audience. You can now find the data flowing at dune.com. While we honestly quite liked our former home at dune.xyz we want to bring trusted web3 data to the masses. A neat 4 letter .com domain is the right place to do just that.

To us the new name of Dune and our new home at dune.com is a symbol of what crypto and we have grown into, but also a symbol of the ambitions we have for the future when we are going to make web3 data broadly accessible to millions of users.

The data must flow.


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