Drip Too Hard - Announcing the Dune Lookbook

Check out the Dune Lookbook. The vibes must flow.

Many companies pour millions of dollars into their brand. The vibe of the company if you will. At the same time they will hand you some ugly ass T-shirt and instantly rug the vibe you had with that brand. It baffles me how many seemingly high end software companies will shamelessly distribute items that are lower quality than what you would expect from a fast food uniform.

Check out the Dune Lookbook here.

How many times have you come home from a tech conference and realize that you’ve compiled a pile of crap? T-shirts that you can see straight through after washing once. A hoodie that screams “I’m a nerd” the very moment you take your conference name tag off. A hat with the embroidered logo stitches wandering centimeters off to the side. Lame.

At Dune we care a lot about our five values. One of those values is integrity. That does not only mean that the data must be correct, it also means that we do things with passion. We pour our hearts and souls into what we do. That means ensuring a neat data table for you to query, giving you a nice vibe when clicking a button and minimal query execution runtime. But, it also means crafting memes, vibey discord messages and swag with passion.

In crypto we are lucky to work in an industry where you don’t have to leave your soul at the door when you do work. And as much as I despise suits and corporate lameness I also despise daft half assed swag. Life has so many beautiful nuances and details to it. If you want to get the most of it I think you should immerse yourself in all that beauty and glory 24/7. Hearing a fantastic song can make you feel soooo good. Putting on some killer swag works the same way.

Details matter.

Therefore we strive to make our drip too hard. We don’t give out endless piles of crap whenever we go to a hackathon or do a line of swag. We invest in it. We find high quality items. We spend time working on designs. We think about the details. We prioritize quality over quantity. And then we hand it out to the Wizards and contributooors that have earned it.

Owning and wearing a piece of Dune swag is a badge of honor, and not just at crypto conferences. The hallmark of a great piece is that anyone can recognize it as a fire item independent of whether they know the reference/brand/context at hand. A great band T-shirt is best if it looks cool in general, and then whoever else knows what’s up will recognize. We aspire to make swag that can yield shoutouts from your normie friends, your sister in-law or a random fellow at your local wine bar or music festival without them knowing a single thing about crypto nor Dune.

Today we’re revealing the Dune Lookbook to keep the vibes and ambitions flowing while you work on your queries or when you're going to see your favorite band play. We will keep making timeliness pieces of the highest quality. There are no re-runs and each line of swag will be forever lost to time and the flexing from the Wizards that hold them. Good things will come to those who create awesome queries and dashboards for the community as new lines of swag will be dropped.

Now go check out the Dune Lookbook.

The vibes must flow.

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