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Dune now integrates with Binance Smart Chain!

By Thomas Goss @

Binance Smart Chain has experienced massive growth over the past year thanks to fast, affordable transactions and a great user experience.

BSC is now a crucial part of the crypto and DeFi ecosystem. As you know, it’s our mission to make crypto data accessible for everyone and help everyone to become an analyst of the new financial system being built before our eyes.

So - we’re thrilled to announce...... BSC data is now LIVE on Dune!

Anyone can now extract rich insights from BSC, exploring the exciting ecosystem of dapps, wallets and transactions. Anyone can build beautiful dashboards that can be shared, enjoyed and forked across the community.

We are very excited about:

  • Dune wizards diving in and bringing the same razor sharp analysis to BSC that they previously have to Ethereum, Polygon, xDAI and Optimism
  • Shining a light into one of the most important chains and helping the wider community to understand what’s happening on BSC on a deeper level
  • A new generation of analysts building their SQL and data visualization skills in a multi-chain environment

Ready to get started?

Just head to the Query Editor and select Binance Smart Chain from the dropdown in the top left.

Don’t know SQL or how to do data analysis? Don’t worry. We’re working on resources to teach you step-by-step.

In the meantime, can check out our tutorial docs, this YouTube tutorial series, and come hang out with us on Discord!

We’re so excited to see what you’ll build. You can expect more data, integrations and features soon.

In the meantime, the data must flow!