Blast is now LIVE on Dune!

We are excited to announce a new blockchain integration with Blast. 

We are excited to announce a new blockchain integration with Blast

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Why Blast? 

The Blast network is a Ethereum Layer 2 solution, offering native yield for Ethereum (ETH) and stablecoins. Choosing to integrate Blast into Dune was driven by its burgeoning ecosystem demand, particularly around its high-yield opportunities and innovative protocol design that drives analytics and data needs. 

What does this mean for you? 

Blast’s integration into Dune brings a wealth of data and insights to the community of our users. From transaction volumes to smart contract interactions, the Blast ecosystem offers a diverse and dynamic landscape for exploration and analysis.

"Blast has been requested a lot by the community so we're excited to finally allow users to now analyze the underlying economic dynamics of the Blast chain, exploring trends in yield generation, and liquidity provisioning. This depth of analysis opens up new avenues for research, enabling users to uncover patterns, identify opportunities, and optimize strategies within the Blast ecosystem.”  Fredrik Haga, Co-Founder & CEO of Dune.

Accessing Blast’s data is now as straightforward as any other blockchain on Dune. Users can effortlessly create dashboards and queries to delve into the intricacies of the Blast network or explore pre-existing visualizations crafted by the community. Here are some initial dashboards to get you started:

Blast Weekly Transactions by @sliceanalytics

Blast TVL by @sliceanalytics

Users can now also use Dune API to directly convert any query into a flexible API endpoint.

What’s next? 

Looking ahead, our commitment to providing the best data experience for the Blast community remains unwavering. We are continuously enhancing our platform by adding more resources and featuring sample dashboards created by our talented community members. These initiatives are designed to empower users with the tools and insights needed to unlock the full potential of Blast’s rich data ecosystem.

We are constantly on the lookout for new and emerging blockchains to add to our stack. If you believe there's a blockchain that deserves to be part of our platform, we invite you to submit your proposals through our Data Request list here. Or, use Dune Catalyst to integrate your blockchain and make it discoverable on Dune! 


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