The World of 1000 Blockchains

Consensus 2024 highlighted the future includes thousands of blockchains; Dune is making this possible.

During the recent Consensus 2024 conference, it became evident that the future of blockchain technology is not limited to a handful of networks. Over two years of observation and interaction within the industry have led me to a compelling thesis: we are evolving toward a "world of thousands of blockchains." This blog post explores the implications of this shift, the diversity it brings, and Dune's strategic approach to making blockchain data universally accessible.

Embracing Blockchain Diversity

The cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape is burgeoning with hundreds of active blockchains, each tailored for specific purposes such as financial transactions, gaming, and digital art. This diversity is not merely a complexity but the backbone of Web3's strength. This variety drives technological advancements and allows customized solutions to meet specific needs.

The Reality of Blockchain Proliferation

While some voices at Consensus 2024 advocated for the predominance of giants like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, the industry's direction points elsewhere. Technological advancements have simplified the launch of new chains. Platforms like Optimism OP Stack, Arbitrum Orbit, zkSync Stack, Polygon Labs CDK, and Rollup-as-a-Service offerings from Conduit, Gelato Network, Caldera, or AltLayer are democratizing the creation of blockchain networks. Last week alone, I met with 16 blockchains set to launch in the next 60 days, including the exciting Gravity chain from Galxe.

The Challenge of Data Accessibility

Despite the exponential growth of public blockchain data, accessing and making sense of this information remains a daunting challenge. The data landscape is becoming increasingly fragmented and inconsistent, posing significant hurdles for developers, analysts, and businesses striving to leverage blockchain technology effectively.

Our mission at Dune is to make crypto data accessible. Known as the source of truth in the blockchain industry, we realized at the end of last year that we weren’t covering the entire crypto data landscape with only a dozen chains. In January, we committed to truly supporting our industry and community by becoming the central hub for all crypto data. We now support 30+ blockchains and 1000+ protocols, but we’re not stopping there.

Introducing Dune Catalyst

To further our mission, we recently launched Dune Catalyst, an initiative aimed at integrating 100 new blockchains into the Dune platform by the upcoming DuneCon in November at DevCon, Bangkok. This ambitious project invites blockchain founders to connect with us, ensuring their technologies are represented and accessible on our comprehensive data platform.

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The shift towards a multichain world is not just inevitable; it's already underway. At Dune, we are committed to supporting this diversity by enhancing the accessibility of blockchain data, thereby empowering developers, analysts, and enthusiasts to engage with and innovate on these platforms. As we expand our reach and capabilities, we continue to invite the community to join us in shaping the future of blockchain technology.

The data must flow, through 1,000 chains.

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