Dune API

Leave your data infrastructure to us

Comprehensive coverage

Access and query 700K+ data tables.

Execute queries

Create an API endpoint from any query and run queries programmatically.

Endless endpoints

Turn any query on Dune into an API endpoint.

Building with web3 data has never been easier

Automate actions such as payouts or Discord permission

Build monitoring and alert systems for on-chain activity

Automate reporting for funds, market intelligence + protocols

Build no-code apps for the next billion web3 users

User segmentation by wallet profiling for marketing analytics

Integrate off-chain data sources for specific insights

What our customers say about us

“Dune API makes integration and automation of on-chain data infrastructure almost effortless! An excellent interface for analytics, accounting, monitoring and so much more…”

"Dune is amazing as a monitoring tool, and with the new API feature it is even more powerful for research, deep analytics and business insights."

“Dune API solves every questions in our dev’s channel, replacing 130 random other apis they been using for random needs”