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The leading crypto-native CFO-as-a-service consulting company for DAOs. We specialize in stablecoins, LSTs, DAOs, RWAs and memes
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About Steakhouse Financial

Restaurant consulting and other activities

We are pioneering open and transparent finance. We believe finance should be open, transparent, and neutral for every non-US human being to participate in the economy

Our seasoned team of crypto-native Chefs brings a wealth of expertise in financial advisory, strategic planning, investment banking, analytics, accounting, legal research, and coding to help navigate the challenges and opportunities of the decentralized economy.

We’ve contributed extensively to crypto-first asset-liability management research, RWA structuring for MakerDAO, and leading the finance workstream at Lido. We specialize in deep due-diligence reports of tokenized issuers and publish leading research reports and Dune dashboards.

Our groundbreaking crypto-accounting financial statements are lovingly handcrafted from the ground up with Dune Analytics, leveraging the transparency and immutability of the blockchain and Dune's open source query approach.

We partner with our clients to ensure operational continuity and scalability, and then execute on plans relentlessly. Steakhouse has significant experience negotiating commercial deals, partnerships and advising on tokenomics with the largest companies and DAOs in the the industry.

We vigorously fight for our clients’ interests