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Join us as we explore web3’s biggest stories using on-chain data. Learn data sleuthing. Understand blockchain more deeply.

The FTX Saga | Dune Arcana #6 | How to track on-chain balance and volume with open data

This week, we discuss the whole FTX saga -- a timeline for the series of events pertaining to SBF, FTX, Alameda Research, CZ, Binance, and more. Using the FTX saga as our case study, we will go over how to track on-chain activities/flows, balances, and volumes in an open data blockchain environment.

Automated Market Maker (AMM) | Dune Arcana #5

This week, in honor of the ongoing `dex.trades` migration, we will cover the basics of AMM (automated market makers) and offer a starting point on what data analysis we can do with AMM's on-chain data.

A Primer on L2 (ft. MSilb7) | Dune Arcana #4

"L2s (Arbitrum & Optimism) account for 30-40% of all transactions on Ethereum, but consume only 2% of the total gas..." That is one of the trends mentioned by Tomasz Tungas in his talk at DuneCon regarding The State of Web3 in 2022. This week we explain what Layer 2 is with on-chain data.

The Ethereum Merge (with AMA ft. πŸπŸ§™β€β™€οΈarchwizard hildobby) | Dune Arcana #3

This week we will explain what is The Ethereum Merge with on-chain data.

BendDAO Liquidity Crisis (with Bend cofounder Q&A) | Dune Arcana #2

This week we will investigate the liquidity crisis BendDAO had and its implication for the broader NFT market.

Tornado Cash's frozen USDC | Dune Arcana #1

In the inaugural session, we investigate the implications of OFAC's decision to sanction addresses related to the protocol.

DuneCon '22

We make πŸͺ„ online but is IRL only. Revisit the 15+ talks and workshops that brought the wonders of blockchain data revolution to life.

Leveraging Your Data Communities with Andrew Hong

In this talk, Andrew walks us through his insights into the web3 data economy and its participants. He also shares some advice for Solidity devs that would enable analysts to more easily work with their data. Andrew's Twitter:

How Lido Creates Analytics Using Dune with Grigori Shestakov

Grigori from Lido walks us through Lido's operations with and on Dune. Lido builds liquid staking protocols for blockchains. For more on Lido, please visit


Building Backend Data Infrastructure with Ben Smith

In this workshop, Ben from Cow Protocol walks us through his Python Dune Client. The client is built on top of the newly launched Dune API and offers expansive features to work with the Dune API internally. The Dune client can be found here: Ben's Twitter:


Dune Spellbooks with Meghan Heintz

Meghan Heintz walks us through Dune's Spellbook infrastructure in this hands-on workshop. To learn more about Spellbook, please consult our documentation: Meghan's twitter:

Founder Interview AMA with Mario Gabriele, Founder of The Generalist

The end of Dunecon was marked by an AMA with the two co-founders of Dune, Mats and Fredrik. The AMA was conducted by Mario Gabriele (Founder @ The Generalist). Fredrik and Mats mostly share stories about their journey and give glimpses into the future of Dune. Fredrik's Twitter: Mat's Twitter: Mario's Twitter:


Sparking Joy Through Dune with Elias Simos

Elias shares his web3 journey from being a Dune Wizard working for Coinbase to now launching his own data analytics company focused on validator-level data. Elias' new company is Rated. To learn more please visit Elias Twitter:

Weekly Wizards

11 weeks, 11 Master Wizards interviewed. Learn how the best make magic and get to know your favorites better πŸ§™

EP #11 - Reverse (non-)Weekly Wizard with Boxer, Danning and Hildobby

In this final (non-)weekly Wizard Danning and Hildobby interview Dune's very own Wizard Boxer. Boxer will tell the tale of the Dune Community, talk about what makes Dune's Community so special and shed some light on his view of the crypto market and data sphere.

Ep #10 - Andrew from - web3 education, DAOs and finding your job in web3

Andrew does Data Science @, gets people web3 data jobs with "web3 data degens" and is in general just a really active contributor to the web3 data space.

Ep #9 - drethereum - and how to onboard users to web3

Doc manages the data side of and has amazing insights as to how the onboarding of users in crypto is going.

Ep #8 - Michael Silberling - The Dune Goat | Data for an entire L2

Michael is considered by many to be the best Analyst working on Dune today and is doing amazing stuff day in and day out.

Ep #7 - Tom Schmidt - Evolution of crypto data

Tom has previously been a PM at Facebook and Instagram, worked for 0x Network and is now a general Partner @ Dragonfly. We'll try to dig Tom's brain about about the history of on-chain data querying and how Tom decides

Ep #6 - Richard Chen

Richard is one of the greatest Dune Wizards alive and General Partner @ 1confirmation. We talk to him about his views on the industry as is, and where we might be going.