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StaFi Staked ETH Total Supply

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StaFi Staked MATIC(ERC20) Total Supply

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About StaFi

The Liquid Staking Solution for PoS Blockchains StaFi protocol is the first liquid staking protocol for multiple POS blockchains. StaFi aims to solve the contradiction between Mainnet security and token liquidity in PoS consensus.

Strengthening Network Infrastructure StaFi protocol lets users stake their tokens(ETH, MATIC, ATOM etc) - without locking assets or maintaining infrastructure - whilst participating in on-chain activities.

Unlocking Liquidity The token holders are staking through staking contracts built in StaFi protocol, and then get alternative tokens(rToken ,such as rETH, rMATIC, rATOM, rBNB, rSOL etc.), rTokens are tradable and it can get staking rewards from original chain at the same time.


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SELECT SUM(token_a_amount) AS dai_bought
FROM dex.trades
WHERE block_time > now() - interval '24 hours'
AND token_a_symbol = 'DAI';