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About Erasure

Buying information has traditionally been difficult because you can only judge its quality once you have paid for and received it. This has meant only buying information from trusted sources with a good reputation. This excludes the long tail of people around the world who have valuable insights but no way to be believed.

Now imagine if information sources staked their offering: a buyer can then punish the source if they do not like what was delivered. Like this, information can be trusted from the individuals who do not have track records or wish to stay anonymous. Erasure is being used for this right now:

Numerai: a hedge fund that trades equities based on an aggregation of thousands of predictions made by a global network of competing data scientists. Because each user stakes on their predictions and inaccurate predictions have their stakes destroyed, Numerai can gauge the confidence of the anonymous competitors.

Erasure Bay: a new marketplace for sourcing any kind of information. Make requests for information like predictions, secrets, whistleblowers, recommendations and require that fulfillers place a stake. Try it today.

Numerai Signals: an ongoing tournament to gather Russell 3000 stock predictions, currently in beta. All predictions are staked, and are burned according to accuracy. Rewards paid are proportional to the stake.


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