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About CyberConnect

CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol with identity sovereignty for mass adoption and network effects. To enable dApps in building Web3-native social experiences, CyberConnect Social Graph offers developers a robust set of tools to build composable applications utilizing all user-created content and social connections generated on the CyberConnect protocol. To enable programmability and scalability, CyberConnect Social Graph implements a hybrid architecture with Smart Contracts and Scalable Storage Modules.

CyberConnect Social Graph’s smart contracts represent key elements of social data in the format of ERC-721 tokens with the flexibility of customizing them as non-transferable SBTs (soulbound tokens). Three core concepts make up the CyberConnect protocol, namely ProfileNFTSubscriberNFT, and EssenceNFT. When user A follows user B from their on-chain profile, user A mints user B’s SubscriberNFT. Further, when user A creates a post, they may choose to use EssenceNFT to represent the post and implement on-chain monetization.

The protocol also offers a rich set of customizable and extensible middleware smart contracts for ProfileNFT owners to choose when they want to issue their SubscriberNFT or EssenceNFT. The middleware design enables users to implement Web3-native use cases like “only BAYC holders can subscribe” or “pay 1 ETH to collect my 500 limited edition posts.” To learn more, visit CyberConnect Developer Center or dive deep into our previous tutorials.


Dune Analytics

Explore and fork thousands of queries and dashboards

Dune Analytics is a powerful tool that allows anyone to easily query, visualise and share smart contract data for free. You can explore thousands of queries and dashboards created by the community.

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