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Address labels

Explore and create ETH address labels

Labels attach metadata to addresses that can be used directly in queries. Read the labels docs here.

Labels are public

Currently all labels are public. This means that you should only put labels on Dune that you're comfortable sharing with the world. Labels that expose a person's identity beyond their own exposure (e.g. ENS name) or what is publicly known information are not tolerated, and will be removed.

About labels and addresses

Labels are relevant metadata for a given address. Some examples of what labels can be:

  • What entity owns it — Kraken wallet or Binance wallet
  • Product activity — Uniswap trader or Maker CDP creator
  • First used — 2017 or 2019

You can use labels in your queries. This way an address in your query results has understandable info instead of raw and abstract addresses. Have a look at our docs for more information on how to use labels in your queries.

You can add your own labels via

Examples of labels in action