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How-To Guides

Here you'll find a variety of how-to guides for making ✨ with Spellbook!

Casting a Spell from scratch

In collaboration with MetricsDAO, @agaperste showed us how to cast a Spell from scratch!

Check out the step by step guide:

Spellbook intro with Megan Heintz

In this DuneCon workshop, Dune Team member Megan Heintz (who came up with the name "Spellbook") walks us through Spellbook's infrastructure and how to migrate data to a Spell:

web3 data guide + Spellbook tutorial

In this tutorial, @ilemi aka Andrew Hong shows us the main protocol interactions (creating a pair, managing liquidity, swapping through pairs) and how to pull and transform data on Ethereum using.

Read his guide here or watch the video below: