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Spellbook Getting Started

Spellbook is essentially a DBT project that runs on Dune's data platform.

At a high level, you need to setup our DBT project locally, develop a Spell in Jinja-templated SQL, and get it to run on our data platform.

To start with, clone the Spellbook GitHub repository and setup your local dev env as per the README:

Decide what problem you're trying to solve. Think about the data model.

Write your spell. At minimum, you'll need to:

  • Reference your data sources, with tests and freshness checks
  • Define a unit test for your spell
  • Write your spell as a SQL select statement with Jinja templating
  • Write a schema in a separate YAML file

To learn more about all the features in DBT, take a look at their documentation. We've written a few example guides for building Spells for ERC20.


As you go along, you can use dbt compile to generate a SQL statement, and validate it on in the Query editor.

Once you're happy with your spell, you can submit it to Dune:

  • Fork the Spellbook repository and open a pull request
  • Tag duneanalytics/data-experience and write a short description of your spell
  • Your PR will trigger your Spell to be created in the staging database and run tests
  • If everything looks good, Dune will merge your changes and deploy them to production

After that, your Spell will be visible on under "Spells". LFG!

How To Guidesยถ

Our How to Cast a Spell step-by-step guide is the best place to start:

But be sure to check out the other How To Guides for a variety of step-by-step tutorials to make you a better Spell caster!