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Sunsetting Dune V1

With the release of the Polygon decoded tables on Dune Engine V2, we now have all Raw and Decoded data that was on V1 on V2!

As a result we have started decommissioning blockchains on V1 as we transition to V2 as our primary platform.

Once a chain is commissioned, queries referncing the V1 version won't be editable anymore until you log in and select DuneV2 from the data explorer drop down to re-run them as V2 queries.

Please also note:

  • No new contracts that are submitted for decoding (on all blockchains) will be decoded on V1, they will only be decoded on V2 (already decoded contracts will continue to work as normal)
  • No new Abstraction PRs will be merged on V1 (please use Spellbook on V2)

special cases can be individually reviewed

Decommissioning details:ยถ

The process below is the same for all blockchains based on when the kickoff date is announced for decommissioning.

1. Step (Start)
Kicking of the decommissioning, no changes to V1 queries.
A fair warning that the blockchain will be decommissioned in the future.

2. Step
Removal of the blockchain from the blockchain selection dropdown.
Existing queries are still editable on V1.
No new queries can be created on V1 dataset.

3. Step
V1 queries for the given blockchain will become read only, forking and updating to DuneSQL is required.
Queries can still be run, but no changes can be made.

4. Step(End)
No new data will be ingested and no new query executions on V1 databases, decommission complete. Queries have to be forked and adjusted to V2.

Decommissioning Schedule for Dune V1 Databasesยถ

Blockchain 1. Step (Decommission Kickoff) 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step (Decommission Completed)
BNB 02/11/2022 23/11/2022 19/01/2023 31/01/2023
Polygon 02/11/2022 23/11/2022 19/01/2023 31/01/2023
xDAI 19/01/2023 09/02/2023 02/03/2023 31/03/2023
Optimism 19/01/2023 09/02/2023 02/03/2023 31/03/2023

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