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Support & Feedback

How to Get Support

If you can't seem to find the help you're looking for, here's the best way to get it:

1. Try searching using the Search bar above

We know you probably did that already but just in case :)

2. Discord!

Here are a few relevant support channels:

  1. #beginners - if you're just getting going and have what feels like a stupid question (note: it's probably not)
  2. #query-questions is great for getting help on building amazing queries.
  3. #data-tables is the place for questions related to the data you'll find in Dune.
  4. #decoding is for smart contract decoding related questions.
  5. #dashboards-viz is for Dashboard and Visualization questions.
  6. #spellbook is for Spellbook related questions.
  7. #dune-api is for API related questions.

How to Leave Feedback

For general Dune app feedback, leave a suggestion on our Canny board here.

We also have 3 feedback channels in Discord:

  1. #general-feedback for general feedback.
  2. #bugs bug reports.
  3. #feature-requests for any cool ideas you have.

If you're working with any of our public repositories (e.g. Spellbook), you can also open a Github issue.

For Docs feedback fixes or additions, click the pencil icon to the right of the page title and open a GitHub issue or submit a pull request:

edit docs pencil

Account issues

For any issues related to your account, billing or any other administrative problems, please send an email to