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With your blockchain data gathered and organized via Queries, it's time to add a bit more ✨ with Visualizations.

With Dune, you have a variety of ways to transform your Query data into visual data:

Chart visualizations

  • Bar charts
  • Area charts
  • Scatter charts
  • Line charts
  • Pie charts

Other visualizations

  • Counters
  • Tables

Combining these in a thoughtful manner allows you to best communicate your data to your audience via Dashboards and Embeds.

Creating Visualizations

You can create Visualizations from any Query results in seconds using Dune's Visualization engine.

To get started, click the New Visualization button:

new visualization click button

You'll then see a dropdown appear with a list of the available types of Visualization. Select the one you want then click the Add visualization button to create your Visualization:

select visualization from dropdown

You can create multiple Visualizations from one Query (to test which works best or reveal different insights) by repeating the steps above:

Read more about how each Visualization type works here:

Sharing Visualizations

Once you've created a Visualization you're happy with, you can share it with others on a Dashboard or be embedded on another website using an Embed.

Adding Visualizations to Dashboards

To add a Visualization to a Dashboard, click the Add to dashboard button:

add visualization to dashboard

Then either click the Add button next to one of your existing Dashboards:

added to dashboard

Or create a new Dashboard and add your Visualization to it like so:

  1. Click the New dashboard button
  2. Add a name
  3. Click the Save dashboard button
  4. Click the Add button next to your new Dashboard

add visualization to new dashboard

To view the Dashboard you added your Visualization to, click it's name in the pop up:

view visualization on dashboard

When you change your Visualization, it will be updated on your Dashboard too:

changing visualization updates dashboard

To remove a Visualization from a Dashboard, click the Added button:

removing visualization from dashboard

Creating Visualizations Embeds

To create an Embed from your Visualizations, first select the Visualization you want to embed, then click the Embed button above the Data Explorer:

embed visualization demo