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Queries are the heart of Dune's magic ๐Ÿ’–ยถ

Queries the primary building blocks Wizards use to pull blockchain data from Dune's database, transform it into something interesting with SQL functions, then and either make visualizations and dashboards to share using or just about anything imaginable via the Dune API.

Through the โœจ of Dune, Queries let Wizards answer any question!

query Dune with any question, we're ready

To create a new Query on, simply click New Query in the top right corner:

New Query

This will take you to the Query Editor where you can build Dune Queries. The Query Editor is made up of three parts:

Query editor

You can change the size of each of part by dragging the corresponding Dune logo around:

changing the layout is easy

Let's take a look at each of part of the Query Editor in more detail in the following pages: