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You'll likely be working with tokens that are fungible (erc20) and nonfungible (erc721 and erc1155) a lot in your analysis. There are a couple tables that are must knows for this:

Metadata tables:

  1. tokens.erc20: contains useful information such as the token symbol and the decimals for any given contract_address, the latter of which is needed to get the actual amount from raw amounts in onchain data.

  2. tokens.nft: contains the collection name and symbol for any given contract_address.

These tables are usually joined on contract_address at the end of a query to make everything more human readable.

Transfer tables:

  1. erc20_ethereum.evt_Transfer: all transfer events for every erc20 token. You can find how to get erc20 balances, mints, and burns using this guide.

  2. nft.transfers: all transfer events for every erc721 or erc1155 token. You can learn how to leverage this to find nft balances, transfers, and mints in this guide

If you're looking for how to calculate native token balances like ethereum (ETH) balances then check out this guide