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Solana Overview

Raw tables provide you raw, unfiltered and unedited data.

Raw data tables are very useful to get transactions, pre and post balances, and instructions data. As a non-EVM chain, Solana Raw data looks quite different from other chains (largely due to it's account structure). You can learn to get started with Solana analysis in this guide.

However, queries that have been written using raw data tables are notoriously hard to understand and audit due to the nature of the the encoded data commonly found in these tables. Furthermore, the raw data tables have a very large number of rows and hence can be slow to query. Most of the time you are better off working with decoded data.

Data Available

  • Account Activity

    This table contains information from the transactions table focused on account usage.

    → Account Activity

  • Blocks

    Blocks are the base unit that all transactions fit into.

    → Blocks

  • Rewards

    This table contains data about rewards paid out on Solana.

    → Rewards

  • Transactions

    Transactions are cryptographically signed instructions from accounts.

    → Transactions

  • Instruction Calls

    Transactions are unnested here such that each instruction gets its own row.

    → Instruction Calls

  • Vote Transactions

    This table contains the full set of vote transactions that are submitted by validators to vote on a block.

    → Vote Transactions