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Bitcoin Overview

Raw tables provide you raw, unfiltered and unedited data.

Raw data tables are very useful to get raw scripts, inputs, and outputs from transactions.

Bitcoin uses a UTXO transaction model, and has a heavy focus on signatures and scripts for "locking" and "unlocking" tokens. They are also most well known for being tied to a 21 million token supply, and halvenings. For a full guide on all Bitcoin concepts, check out this one.

Data Available

  • Blocks

    Blocks are the base unit that all transactions fit into.

    → Blocks

  • Transactions

    Transactions contain all spent inputs and created outputs from a UTXO transaction.

    → Transactions

  • Outputs

    Just the outputs, unnested.

    → Outputs

  • Inputs

    Just the inputs, unnested.

    → Inputs