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Decoded Tables

To make it easier to work with smart contracts and programs, Dune has decoded data from all transactions (all functions and logs) into human readable tables. This means you don't need to work with any of the raw data from the blockchain!

Consider using spellbook tables first

We highly recommend you use spellbook tables first, as many decoded tables have been further abstracted into tables like nft.trades and dex.trades

EVM decoded tables

We support decoded tables for Ethereum based chains (EVM) like Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum.

There are two types of EVM decoded tables, one that decodes functions and one that decodes event logs.

Solana decoded tables

We also support decoded tables on Solana, for any program (Candy Machine, Whirlpool, Jupiter, SPL Token, System Program, Pyth, and many more).

  • IDL Tables

    These are decoded from instruction_calls, so all function calls at the first instruction level (not inner instructions) are decoded.

    → IDL Tables