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Note: mev-inspect-py, Flashbots’ open source engine for generating MEV data, is used to power dashboards such as mev-explore and Dune’s Flashbots integration. We’re always looking to improve, fix bugs, cover edge cases, and add protocol coverage to the best of our ability with the help of our community and contributors. We encourage researchers and developers to report and help correct any found bugs, or implement any new features! Feel free to consult the documentation and join the Flashbots discord for more information and updates on our data and mev-inspect.



Data available:

  • arbitrages

Arbitrage opportunities found by mev-inspect-py.

→ Arbitrages

  • liquidations

Liquidations found by mev-inspect-py.

→ Liquidations

  • sandwiched_swaps

Sandwiched swaps found by mev-inspect-py.

→ Sandwiched Swaps

  • sandwiches

Sandwiches found by mev-inspect-py.

→ Sandwiches

  • mev_summary

Summary of MEV found by mev-inspect-py.

→ MEV Summary