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App Overview

The Dune platform is your key to accessing blockchain data!

  • Query Editor

    The Query Editor is where you can write SQL queries to explore blockchain data. This docs section describes the functional elements of the Query Editor, to learn how to write queries, see the query section.

    → Queries

  • Visualizations

    Visualizations make your data come to life! You can create Visualizations from any results of a query.

    → Visualizations

  • Dashboards

    Dashboards are a collection of Visualizations and text that you can share with the world. You can create Dashboards out of any Visualizations you have created.

    → Dashboards

  • Decoding

    Decoding is a feature that allows you to submit contracts for decoding. This is useful if you want to decode events or transactions that are not decoded already.

    → Decoding

  • Teams

    Working with a team? You can create a team and invite your teammates to collaborate on queries, visualizations, and dashboards.

    → Teams

  • Embeds

    Embeds allow you to embed your Visualizations on your website, blog, twitter, or anywhere else you want to share your data.

    → Embeds

  • Wand (Beta)

    Wand is a beta suite of tools for writing SQL queries with the help of large language models.

    → Wand (Beta)