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Community Clients

Our community once again comes through for the win with the below API clients.

If you've built your own let us know about it in our #dune-api Discord Channel!


While we love that our community has taken the lead, these clients are not directly maintained by the Dune team.

Cow Protocol Python Client

Built by @bh2smith and the team at Cow Protocol, you can find this client on PyPi.

Get started quickly with a simple pip install command:

pip install dune-client

And if you want to learn more about how it's built and works, check out the client's GitHub page here.

Cow Protocol Typescript Client

@bh2smith also built a Node.js client you can find here.

Install it like this:

yarn add @cowprotocol/ts-dune-client

Dune Go Client

Dune team member @theedgeofrage built a Go client you can find on GitHub here.

There's also more advanced documentation here.

Dune Ruby client

@shellandbull built the Ruby client, available in RubyGems

To install add the following line to your Gemfile

gem "dune"

Then run $ bundle install from your terminal