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Let's get started using the Dune API via Python!

In this example we'll be using Python3. We recommend using a virtual environment and the pip package manager.


This Quick Start Guide assumes you have some prior experience using Python, though we aimed to make the code here easy to follow. If you have questions, please reach out to our team via the #dune-api channel on Discord.

Getting Set Up

We'll primarily be working with the requests library to access the API, so let's install it:

pip install requests

We'll also use pandas to load the data returned from APIs into a neat DataFrame (table), and jupyter notebooks to have a nice interactive interface to do all of this.

So let us install these as well:

pip install pandas
pip install jupyter notebook

We recommend following rest of the Quick Start in a jupyter notebook. You can start the interface with this simple command:

jupyter notebook

Import the necessary libraries

from requests import get, post
import pandas as pd

API Keys

Any call you make to the Dune API will require you to pass your API key with your call's header:

HEADER = {"x-dune-api-key" : API_KEY}

Simplifying URL generation

Though not a necessary step, using this function will make it easier to generate URLs for different API endpoints:


def make_api_url(module, action, ID):
    We shall use this function to generate a URL to call the API.

    url = BASE_URL + module + "/" + ID + "/" + action

    return url

Wrapping API endpoints in functions

The Dune API currently has four primary end points as documented in the API Reference section. We are going to wrap these up in neat functions which will make using the Dune API as easy as a flick of the 🪄:

def execute_query(query_id):
    Takes in the query ID.
    Calls the API to execute the query.
    Returns the execution ID of the instance which is executing the query.

    url = make_api_url("query", "execute", query_id)
    response = post(url, headers=HEADER)
    execution_id = response.json()['execution_id']

    return execution_id

def get_query_status(execution_id):
    Takes in an execution ID.
    Fetches the status of query execution using the API
    Returns the status response object

    url = make_api_url("execution", "status", execution_id)
    response = get(url, headers=HEADER)

    return response

def get_query_results(execution_id):
    Takes in an execution ID.
    Fetches the results returned from the query using the API
    Returns the results response object

    url = make_api_url("execution", "results", execution_id)
    response = get(url, headers=HEADER)

    return response

def cancel_query_execution(execution_id):
    Takes in an execution ID.
    Cancels the ongoing execution of the query.
    Returns the response object.

    url = make_api_url("execution", "cancel", execution_id)
    response = get(url, headers=HEADER)

    return response

Using the Dune API

Execute a Query

To Execute a Query, you can pass any query_id from Dune that you want to fetch data from, then pass it to the execute_query function:

Function Call

execution_id = execute_query("1258228")


This function returns an execution_id which will look something like the sample output shown here:


This execution ID is the required input for rest of the API functions.

Get Query Execution Status

To get the Query Execution Status, take the execution_id that was returned from the execute_query function in the previous section, then pass it to get_query_status function as shown here:

Function Call

response = get_query_status(execution_id)


The response object returned by this function will look something like the example shown here:

{'execution_id': '01GCQKPC4QZ6Q8645C3JC4WBT1',
 'query_id': 1258228,
 'submitted_at': '2022-09-12T01:05:51.781328Z',
 'expires_at': '2024-09-11T01:05:51.82013Z',
 'execution_started_at': '2022-09-12T01:05:51.806752Z',
 'execution_ended_at': '2022-09-12T01:05:51.820127Z',
 'result_metadata': {'column_names': ['block_time',
  'result_set_bytes': 5048,
  'total_row_count': 10,
  'datapoint_count': 220,
  'pending_time_millis': 25,
  'execution_time_millis': 13}}

In most cases, you will primarily be concerned with accessing the state property in this JSON object, which in this case is QUERY_STATE_COMPLETED.

Get Query Results

Finally, let's load the results from the now-completed execution of our Query.

Function Call

response = get_query_results(execution_id)

Lets wrap the data received from this JSON response object up into a neat pandas Dataframe.

data = pd.DataFrame(response.json()['result']['rows'])


If everything worked smoothly, you should see your data in the data variable returned by this function:

0   2021-05-14T15:17:39+00:00   DEX 191 \xf82d8ec196fb0d56c6b82a8b1870f09502a49f88  Uniswap \xa2b4c0af19cc16a6cfacce81f192b024d625817d  7.819632e+11    781963170639542600000   KISHU   \xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2  ... WETH    []  1   \x75e29a7676717b99da65c6faad2e7644d00e2053  None    \x75e29a7676717b99da65c6faad2e7644d00e2053  \x6bc05c2bc156a60c1cacfc379540ad00b7280796613b...   \x7a250d5630b4cf539739df2c5dacb4c659f2488d  10387.825000    2
1   2022-04-06T07:01:37+00:00   DEX 11  \x6591c4bcd6d7a1eb4e537da8b78676c1576ba244  Uniswap \xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48  1.007936e+04    10079361085 USDC    \x0391d2021f89dc339f60fff84546ea23e337750f  ... BOND    []  1   \x0000006daea1723962647b7e189d311d757fb793  None    \x0000495194ec698fcf89ccf8abb445daf01db497  \x8b962e59ca9f1d91e465a7af289b4b4c9c7c64c6d30d...   \x0000006daea1723962647b7e189d311d757fb793  10093.794730    2
2   2022-04-06T07:10:12+00:00   DEX 438 \xa25b34d2ec38e338bde108c8c4040be88945d024  Uniswap \xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2  1.015798e-01    101579832516438100  WETH    \x8020734a29ee290fb81992874bd1de01a16c4204  ... None    []  1   \x68b3465833fb72a70ecdf485e0e4c7bd8665fc45  None    \xaac6fb32fd0a7a51768bddd4ac2f643445bd01af  \x8bbaff042cea60af88fac791c4d20f84ed7d21601c41...   \x68b3465833fb72a70ecdf485e0e4c7bd8665fc45  342.732387  2
3   2022-04-06T07:10:12+00:00   DEX 339 \x8ef79d6c328c25da633559c20c75f638a4863462  Uniswap \xa71d0588eaf47f12b13cf8ec750430d21df04974  1.058343e+09    1058343424775444053499052032.0  QOM \xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2  ... WETH    []  1   \x7540000cab63979795c7d4b326cadbb00ed24a04  None    \x7540000cab63979795c7d4b326cadbb00ed24a04  \x8bea318de386a65ac1c0c88f13e39654c3d4ec53a412...   \x68b3465833fb72a70ecdf485e0e4c7bd8665fc45  263.520686  2
4   2022-04-06T07:15:58+00:00   DEX 149 \x9c84f58bb51fabd18698efe95f5bab4f33e96e8f  Uniswap \xb620be8a1949aa9532e6a3510132864ef9bc3f82  NaN 21168910617154070511616.0   None    \xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2  ... WETH    []  1   \xdf29ee8f6d1b407808eb0270f5b128dc28303684  None    \xdf29ee8f6d1b407808eb0270f5b128dc28303684  \x8bf5a55a772b3c3423ee628bd459655a1d7bd09a5c69...   \xdef171fe48cf0115b1d80b88dc8eab59176fee57  675.194000  2
5   2022-04-06T07:03:20+00:00   DEX 266 \x847e0b52589c9e6fa2dcc42b8ffb34ec924d4cf8  Uniswap \xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2  8.903535e-04    890353516515079 WETH    \x9cf77be84214beb066f26a4ea1c38ddcc2afbcf7  ... None    []  1   \x7a250d5630b4cf539739df2c5dacb4c659f2488d  None    \xf2d229cc832661de2aa56249c5b7991006868522  \x8c00c8c20b1f3f1b447c579165c2759c688981dbc408...   \x1b2cf79d0a3622f25fbe10e968b3b25a348e008b  3.004792    2
6   2021-05-17T16:04:09+00:00   DEX 88  \x0d4a11d5eeaac28ec3f61d100daf4d40471f1852  Uniswap \xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7  1.003227e+02    100322742   USDT    \xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2  ... WETH    []  1   \x773dd321873fe70553acc295b1b49a104d968cc8  None    \x7af55e2ab6e74f338d674537958ad236d17ab3ac  \x6bc07c4f53719ad8d1a0f5f99d2db3699fa9dce888e3...   \x8df6084e3b84a65ab9dd2325b5422e5debd8944a  100.372301  2
7   2022-04-06T07:24:39+00:00   DEX 219 \xaa51ea59c985a92ce881517a8896931d4a86e9e3  Uniswap \xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2  3.214029e-01    321402936315917950  WETH    \x4846b0cce69121e4d25b6efe7738eaf27bca7e7f  ... None    []  1   \x7a250d5630b4cf539739df2c5dacb4c659f2488d  None    \xa053dbafba05e307a7bddede09c7feb235dc34b1  \x8c86abc9c4eaff2b8de48351360781bc153cd16fa108...   \x68b3465833fb72a70ecdf485e0e4c7bd8665fc45  1084.606349 2
8   2021-05-17T16:04:09+00:00   DEX 91  \x773dd321873fe70553acc295b1b49a104d968cc8  Uniswap \x95ad61b0a150d79219dcf64e1e6cc01f0b64c4ce  6.477303e+06    6477302710423104532774912.0 SHIB    \xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7  ... USDT    []  1   \x8df6084e3b84a65ab9dd2325b5422e5debd8944a  None    \x7af55e2ab6e74f338d674537958ad236d17ab3ac  \x6bc07c4f53719ad8d1a0f5f99d2db3699fa9dce888e3...   \x8df6084e3b84a65ab9dd2325b5422e5debd8944a  103.636843  2
9   2022-04-06T07:24:39+00:00   DEX 234 \xaa51ea59c985a92ce881517a8896931d4a86e9e3  Uniswap \xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2  1.127058e-01    112705776325968480  WETH    \x4846b0cce69121e4d25b6efe7738eaf27bca7e7f  ... None    []  1   \x68b3465833fb72a70ecdf485e0e4c7bd8665fc45  None    \xa053dbafba05e307a7bddede09c7feb235dc34b1  \x8c86abc9c4eaff2b8de48351360781bc153cd16fa108...   \x68b3465833fb72a70ecdf485e0e4c7bd8665fc45  380.336913  2

So you now have data from your Dune query.

In a table.

In Python.


Cancel Query Execution

Some queries can take a long time to execute (minutes).

Depending on your workflow, you may want to interrupt execution at times. Here's how to do that:

response = cancel_query_execution(execution_id)

When you have a running Query and call this function, you'll get a response object returned to you confirming the cancellation of query execution.

Parameterized Queries

Only one step changes when you are working with parameterized queries - you need to pass query parameters to the execution endpoint of our API. There is no change to working with rest of the endpoints after this step.

So let's define a function execute_query_with_params to call the execute endpoint for parameterized queries:

def execute_query_with_params(query_id, param_dict):
    Takes in the query ID. And a dictionary containing parameter values.
    Calls the API to execute the query.
    Returns the execution ID of the instance which is executing the query.

    url = make_api_url("query", "execute", query_id)
    response = post(url, headers=HEADER, json={"query_parameters" : param_dict})
    execution_id = response.json()['execution_id']

    return execution_id

Create a Dictionary of parameters

For our example, we're creating a dictionary with just one key, the wallet_address, for use in a query that returns the total amount spent on gas from a given wallet_address:

parameters = {"wallet_address" : "0xb10f35351ff21bb81dc02d4fd901ac5ae34e8dc4"}

Pass the parameters dictionary to the execution endpoint

Now let's make use of the function that we just defined to achieve this:

execution_id = execute_query_with_params("638435", parameters)

And that is it!

Once you get the execution_id from this POST endpoint, you can use it with all the GET endpoints of the API, just like you would with a simple query without parameters.


The complete code for this tutorial is available on this link.