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[GET] Latest Query Results

Here's how to get the latest results of a query, regardless of the job id/run or if it is run in the app or the api.

Example Request

query_id is the id of the query you are trying to pull results from. It must either be public or a query you have ownership of.

GET v1/query/{{query_id}}/results{{query_id}}/results


Returns the latest execution id and results of the run.

Keep in mind

  • this endpoint does NOT trigger execution but does consume credits through datapoints

Query Parameters

For query params, we recommend you to not have spaces for a parameter, use underscore instead like If no query params are provided, the request will fetch the latest results regardless of parameter (not just default!)


curl -X GET "{{query_id}}/results" -H x-dune-api-key:{{api_key}}

There is a default 250,000 datapoints limit to make sure you don't accidently spend all your credits in one call. You can see it with the API param below:

curl -X GET "{{query_id}}/results\?ignore_max_datapoints_per_request=true" -H x-dune-api-key:{{api_key}}


import dotenv
import os
import json
import requests
import pandas as pd
import time

api_key = os.environ["DUNE_API_KEY"]

# authentiction with api key
headers = {"x-dune-api-key": api_key}

query_id = 1252207
base_url = f"{query_id}/results"
params = {
    "params.LooksRare Wash Trading Filter": "ON", # one and only param for this query
result_response = requests.request("GET", base_url, headers=headers, params=params)

You can partially fill parameters as well, say there are three parameters - if you only pass in two then the other one will use the default parameters:

# case 4: partial match of the existing params that were executed will work aka 200
query_id = 1064888
base_url = f"{query_id}/results"
params = {
    "params.Show Today": "No",
    "params.Time Period": "day" 
    # there is one more param for this query "Trailing Num Periods" which we are not passing
result_response = requests.request("GET", base_url, headers=headers, params=params)

Parameter 404 Behaviors

If a certain parameter has never been run before, i.e. putting in "OFF" above when only "ON" has been executed in app, then you will get a 404. Same thing if you try and use a parameter that doesn't exist on the query.

Example Response

Dune API responses are delivered in JSON format.

{"execution_id": "01GXDTYMM2CKFRBEW44X5S0WZE",
 "query_id": 1252207,
 "submitted_at": "2023-04-07T12:27:09.314513Z",
 "expires_at": "2025-04-06T12:27:15.749155Z",
 "execution_started_at": "2023-04-07T12:27:09.387366Z",
 "execution_ended_at": "2023-04-07T12:27:15.749154Z",
 "result": {"rows": [
    {"24 Hours Volume": 10501366.303435229,
    "7 Days Volume": 83500570.47565666,
    "Rank": 1,
    "Total Volume": 35184444503.17035,
    "project": "opensea"},
   {"24 Hours Volume": 2905815.0342120747,
    "7 Days Volume": 34792342.84606525,
    "Rank": 2,
    "Total Volume": 4897580325.593282,
    "project": "x2y2"},
   {"24 Hours Volume": 21859216.193396263,
    "7 Days Volume": 256722523.89635494,
    "Rank": 3,
    "Total Volume": 4037590713.6422567,
    "project": "blur"}
   "result_set_bytes": 1524,
   "total_row_count": 26,
   "datapoint_count": 135,
   "pending_time_millis": 72,
   "execution_time_millis": 6361}