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[POST] Execute Query ID

Here's how to execute (run) a query with or without parameters to retrieve data.


None required. You may optionally add query parameters (see this example).


Returns an execution_id for the specified request.

Example Request

POST v1/query/{{query_id}}/execute{{query_id}}/execute


curl -X POST -H x-dune-api-key:{{api_key}} "{{query_id}}/execute"

cURL with Parameters

curl -X POST -d '{"query_parameters": { "param1":24}}' -H x-dune-api-key:{{api_key}}  "{{query_id}}/execute"

Example Response

Dune API responses are delivered in JSON format.

    "execution_id": "01GB1Y2MRA4C9PNQ0EQYVT4K6R",
    "state": "QUERY_STATE_PENDING"
  • execution_id : A unique ID that is generated every time this API is called. You might want to save it to later pass on to other API endpoints.
  • state : The current state of the query's execution. Check our FAQ section to see what different status codes mean.