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Editing (CRUD) Queries

CRUD API endpoints enables users to create, read, update, or archive queries beyond the Dune IDE, enabling more flexible integration of Dune API into your workflow and freeing you from UI-exclusive query editing. Learn more about our CRUD queries feature:


CRUD queries is an advanced feature included only in our Premium subscription plans. Please upgrade your plan to use it.

What is CRUD

  • CRUD operations, standing for Create, Read, Update, and Delete, are the four basic functions that a software application needs to interact with data. They are essential because they allow you to add new data (Create), view existing data (Read), modify existing data (Update), and remove data (Delete) in your database or other storage systems.
  • In Dune context, delete aciton is replaced by archive as deletion of queries is not possible.
  • Unlike endpoints in query execution group, endpoints in CRUD queries API cannot be cancelled, i.e. it is a sync call and there is no intermediary status.

How to CRUD Queries¶

Error Code Summary¶

Method Description
400 Invalid request
402 Reached maximum number of private queries
403 Not allowed to create or update this query
404 Query not found, or it’s private and belongs to somebody else
409 Query was updated in the meantime (this is currently never returned, but might be in the future if we add the version parameter or a nonce to the request)