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The Dune API simplifies your data integration worflow and turbocharges your efficiency!

Dune API is your solution for data infrastructure and workflow management, enabling you to create API endpoints, run queries, and manage them systematically across 12 chains and 700,000+ data tables, thereby unlocking its full potential.

API Reference


Full documentation of API endpoints here.

We can largely bucket Dune API features into these categories:

  1. Executing queries - execute any query, and retrieving results from that execution (or latest results from any execution)
  2. Editing queries (CRUD [Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete/Archive] API)
  3. Uploading Data - right now you can upload CSV files to the API. This is append only.

Obtaining an API Key

All plans on our new credit-based pricing system come bundled with API access. You'll have seperate API keys for your individual accounts and team accounts.

API Quickstart Guides


The quickstart and developer SDKs currently only contains endpoints under Executing Queries and Getting Results. We will be adding info regarding newer endpoints under Editing Queries soon.

Get started with our API in a few lines of code using these quick start guides:

You should check out our developer API clients (sdks) as well.

For building a simple data ingestion pipeline, see using Python and Celery.

If you aren't sure what queries to start with, check out the API-ready query list.

API Pricing

Pricing for API is charged along two dimensions.

Dimension Credits Charged Relevant API endpoints
Executions 10 credits per medium query engine executions (Default)
20 credits per large query engine executions
Execute Query
Datapoints 1 credit per 1,000 datapoints Execution Results
Latest Query Results

A datapoint applies to query results after the query is run, and can in most cases be thought of rows * columns with an additional limit of 100 avg bytes per cell in a set of results. This can be expressed as:

Credits = Datapoints/1000 = max(rows*columns, ceil(totalbytes/100))
More details can be found on our FAQ page.

Additional Info

💭 If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to our #dune-api Discord channel or [email protected]!

💡 Have an idea for additional Dune API features? Please submit them here! We value your input and are regularly implementing improvements based on user feedback.