Sept 22, 2023

Annual plans

  • Do you love Dune as much as we do? You can now upgrade to an annual subscription.
  • Annual plans come at a discounted price, because why not?
  • Upgrade here.

Spellbook Improvements

  • New Solana Spellbook tables: daily_balances, latest_balances, total_rewards, sns_domains (ENS equivalent).
  • dex.trades and nft.trades are now officially live on DuneSQL, leveraging DuneSQL’s more precise data types, improving data accuracy further.
  • ERC20 balances spells in Beta. Available under the balances_polygon namespace.

New Guides & Case Studies

Improvements & Fixes

  • Materialized Views are now in Beta, available in all paid subscriptions. Stay tuned for more announcements on this…
  • We have shipped a series of enhancements to our Python API client.
  • Data Uploads and Materialized Views are now exposed under the owner’s handle in the query editor.
  • Recovered 4% of previously missing uniswap_v3_ethereum.Pair_call_swap events.
  • We have added the ability to guess which tables to query in the Wand:

  • You can now invite teammates in bulk via a shareable URL
  • Lastly, we improved the Library layout with more content items. Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback on it!

Aug 25, 2023

SparkSQL deprecation

  • We completed the deprecation of SparkSQL. Let’s take a moment to reflect on what this means… No more confusion around the differences and complexity between different query engines. Now there’s finally one single engine to rule them all: DuneSQL.

Moving content

  • Content can now be moved individually in the Library. By hovering over the item, you will see ‘...’ to move it.
  • Content can now also be moved from within the query and dashboard views.

Improvements & Fixes

  • We have released a series of utility functions on DuneSQL to easily create links, generate block explorer URLs and more. Learn more in the docs or with this sample dashboard.
  • You can now refresh a single visualization in a dashboard without having to spend credits on refreshing all its charts:
  • We have added a shortcut to upload a dataset under the Create button in the topbar. This feature is for now gated to paid teams, but will roll out to everyone else soon.
  • Editors in a team can now also create API keys.
  • We shipped block 29177929 for Fantom, which had been missing for a couple of months due to an anomaly in that particular block’s format.
  • We released a guide to get the most out of Dune.
  • If you want to submit a bounty and didn’t know how to do so, now there is a shortcut for it in the navbar:

Aug 3, 2023

New Wand UI & functionality

  • We have given a facelift to the Wand, which is now available at the top of the codebox:
  • And now, you can also instruct the Wand to edit your SQL:
  • We have also moved “Fix query” to the Results section, showing below the Error message:

Improvements & Fixes

  • Team members with the Editor role can now invite other members into their team.
  • We have fully deprecated our Ethereum Postgres engine, as previously announced here.

July 27, 2023

Essentials in Data Explorer

  • In the last month we have been trialing a new category in the Data Explorer called Essentials
  • We have now extended its coverage by adding our most popular tables as well as tables we believe every Dune user cannot miss.

Inviting team members

  • We have added a shortcut to invite team members, when your team is selected as the active account.

Improvements & Fixes

  • We have changed how we refresh dashboards. Popular dashboards refresh more often, while others will require scheduling them or manually running them. More details here.
  • We have added an option in the Chart Settings to display the total when the chart is stacked:

July 20, 2023

Create and collaborate

  • We have announced a batch of new features geared towards improving the experience of creating and collaborating on Dune.
  • These features include the ability to upload data to Dune, organize your work in Folders, scheduling queries and dashboards and Query API endpoints.
  • Learn more in this announcement.

More LLM firepower

  • We have shipped a “Fix query” button that appears when a query execution fails.
  • This feature leverages a self-debugger that we purpose-built for DuneSQL.

Base on Dune

  • Base data is now available on Dune!
  • Submit Base contracts for decoding here.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Data uploads can now be found in the Data Explorer through the “dune_upload” namespace in the Community data section.
  • Solana decoded tables now include rows that we failed to fully decode, which were previously being discarded.
  • The Dune App now handles queries with result sets of any size. Previously, query results above a certain limit would crash the query. Now, results are truncated to avoid overloading the client and breaking the experience.
  • We are changing the way dashboards are refreshed by us. Popular dashboards will be fresher while less popular ones will require manual refreshing or scheduling.
  • DuneSQL is now the only option in the query engine selection dropdown.

July 6, 2023

Dashboard changes

  • You can now see when each chart’s results were produced
  • Dashboards with parameters show the latest results for a given parameter set after input, without clicking Apply or Run.
  • We have simplified the process of applying parameters in dashboards. We have removed the Apply button, but you can always press Enter in your keyboard to trigger an execution with those. You can also click Run to refresh all queries in a dashboard, and parameters will get applied where relevant.
  • Dashboard executions with parameters cost credits, even when pressing Enter.

Improvements & Fixes

  • We have added support for searching contracts by address in the Data Explorer.
  • Added support for Inviting teammates by email address. If they’re not a Dune user, they will be invited to sign up.
  • DuneSQL performance & stability improvements, which have helped reduce p90 runtimes by half vs the previous week.
  • We now order chart series in the legend and tooltip in the same order as the visualization, and pie chart labels are ordered by pie size. We also fixed another visualization bug.

June 22, 2023

Celo on Dune

  • We have shipped Celo on Dune. 
  • This means that now you can query raw and decoded Celo data.
  • More details here.

June 15, 2023

Improvements & Fixes

  • We have upgraded DuneSQL to Trino 418.
  • Improved Harmonizer by shipping two changes to better preserve query semantics on translations from Spark to TrinoSQL. The changes relate to preserving floating point division semantics and null-safe array indexing.
  • Removed support in the Query page for automatically running a query upon a new view when its data is stale.
  • We have given a facelift to the Contracts page and moved it over to Settings, in preparation for some upcoming changes (more on that soon!).

June 7, 2023

Monitoring and limiting credit spend

  • We have shipped a new setting to limit the default maximum number of datapoints we return per API request.

    - This is configurable through your personal account or your team’s, by visiting Settings > Subscription.
    - This parameter can be overridden at the API request level, for requests where you need to go beyond your configured datapoint limit.
  • We now report your individual or team’s additional credit spend in $.

Improvements & Fixes

  • New Solana dataset: solana.discriminators. Equivalent to our <chain>.signatures EVM datasets.
  • New Essentials category in the Data Explorer, so you can find Dune’s most popular datasets.
  • Bug fixes and reliability improvements on the API.
  • For better clarity, the Settings context is now synced with the active account in the topbar.
  • More progress on automatic autoscaling of DuneSQL so we can react to demand surges faster.

Changes to automatic refreshes

  • We have changed the automatic refresh interval for SparkSQL queries to 24 hours
  • DuneSQL queries will automatically refresh after 6 hours

May 26, 2023

Query Scheduling

  • Query Scheduling allows you to configure a query to execute periodically.
  • You can schedule any of your queries to run in intervals of weeks, days, hours, or even minutes.
  • We display the projected credit cost of the scheduled query so you can keep your usage under control.
  • Let us know what you think!

Improvements & Fixes

As part of our plan to deprecate SparkSQL, we have reduced the frequency of updates on SparkSQL powered queries to 24h.

May 18, 2023

Viewing Credit Usage

  • You can now view your active account’s credit usage without navigating to Settings!
  • Wherever you are on Dune, you can easily track your usage by hovering over the meter icon next to My Creations.

Sunsetting Postgres and SparkSQL

  • We have removed the Postgres Ethereum dataset from the dataset dropdown in the query editor. You can still edit and execute queries using that dataset, but it’s no longer possible to create new queries on it.
  • We have also disabled executions on our non-Ethereum Postgres datasets.
  • These changes are part of our roadmap to fully move to DuneSQL.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Team queries now show the individual users that contributed to it.
  • We have rolled out improvements on DuneSQL which will help us handle cluster updates faster and more reliably, and allow us to scale DuneSQL cluster sizes up and down smoothly.

May 12, 2023

Solana Decoding

  • We have added support for decoding of Solana programs. It is now possible to submit arbitrary Solana programs for decoding, via this form.
  • More details in the announcement post.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Added a new dataset for MEV Blocker, available in the mevblocker namespace.
  • We published a recap of everything we shipped last quarter.