Announcing the Wizard Request Program!

We’re launching the “Wizard Request Program”, a easier way to for projects and individuals in the space to find the right analysts/wizards to work with.

We’re excited to share that today we’re launching what we call the “Wizard Request Program” which basically is a way to make it easier for projects and individuals in the space to find the right analysts/wizards to work with.

The way it works is pretty easy and straightforward:

  1. Project submits a request using this form detailing what the project does and the kind of insights they’d like to see surfaced.

  2. Submission gets shared with our community on discord and using the bounty bot on Twitter. By the way, you should follow the bot if you’re a Wizard open for gigs or looking for the right incentive to take the leap and become a Wizard.

  3. Wizards get in touch expressing their interests. Project screens them and decides who to work with.

  4. The data flows.

As opposed to more traditional bounty programs, the Wizard Request program is meant to unlock long-lasting relationships/collaborations between the analysts and the projects at large.

We’ve seen time and again the key role that analysts play in helping projects understand and contextualize their current situation. What’s more, we are certain that for the ecosystem to continue to grow, more and more analysts are needed and we hope this program will help in bridging this gap.

FAQs about the program:

- I need a lot of data, how many requests should I post?

Think of every request as a dashboard. If you’d like to see all of your information in just one dashboard, then just one request. If, on the other hand, you’d like to see three different dashboards we recommend you create three requests. Creating three requests doesn’t necessarily mean working with three different analysts, that will be up to you to decide.

- I’m an analyst. How do I enroll?

For the moment the only thing you need to do is join our Discord, go to our “freelancer-listing” channel and click on the flying dollar bill emoji there, this way you’ll get notified when new requests arrive. Oh and you should definitely follow the bounty bot on Twitter.

- I want to create a requests but I don’t know how much should I pay/offer for it

Well, that really depends on how much work/complexity your request entails but to the extent that you can, we encourage you to be generous. If you ain’t sure you can always ask on our Discord!

- Does Dune take a cut?

No we don’t. In fact, Dune does not take part in closing the deal or following up over time, this is strictly between the wizard and the project.

If you’d like to fill a request but still have doubts about the program feel free to reach out to us, we’ll be more than happy to help you out.