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DuneCon 2022

By Thomas Goss @

We’ve made a lot of exciting announcements this year, like our series B raise, Dune Engine v2 - but this might be the most exciting yet……

We’ve met a lot of you at crypto events around the world over the past few years, but this time we want everybody in one place…..

So we’re hosting the first DuneCon!

On September 15th - conveniently between DappCon & EthBerlin - hundreds of Wizards & team members will descend on Funkhaus in Berlin.

Funkhaus is an amazing venue, a world-famous recording studio and creative space known for hosting Berlin Blockchain Week and many other events.

We’ll have a series of activities throughout the day, from hackathons & talks to training sessions and fun events.

Then we’ll wrap things up by around 18:30 before heading over to an evening venue for more socializing and merriment into the night!

This is first and foremost a Wizard event. We want to say thank you and give everybody a great day while getting to know our community better. But DuneCon is also open to prospective Wizards, partners, and industry guests.

The day is going to be a lively combination of learning, networking, socializing, and celebrating - we're going to make it a day to remember.

We can’t wait to see you all in Berlin for the best on-chain data conference of 2022. So what are you waiting for? Spaces are limited - head over to and apply to attend!